Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Day!!!

When I look back to when I was little, I remember that feeling sitting in front of the tv in my jammies, hoping, praying, and anxiously awaiting our school to call a snow day!
However, here in Minnesota we know how to handle our fair share of snow... so it didn't usually happen!

There was nothing better than assuming you would be spending your day in school and then... BAM, your whole day changed!

Well, that was my day yesterday!
And let me tell you... snow days as an adult are just as good as snow days as a kid!

7:38 am - Gramps calls me to tell me the snow storm was pretty bad, the roads are terrible, and he thinks there is no reason to come in and open up the shop! - NICE!

All of a sudden my day took on a whole new plan! I no longer had to work...

Well it just so happened that months and months prior... Grandma Janel had continually promised Greta that when she finally became fully potty trained she would take her to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate!
The day had come... G was potty trained and Grammy didn't have to work... so it was set in stone... Monday they would go to Chuck E Cheese!

When I heard the plan last week, I'll have to admit I was a little bummed I couldn't go...
then BAM!
I get something more precious than gold.... a snow day!

Turns out, fate would have it that I was able to go to Chuck E Cheese and help fulfill Grandma's promise.... Celebrating Greta being potty trained!

Here is a look at how I spent my glorious snow day....

The newly potty trained Greta and her favorite mouse... Chuck E Cheese!
Greta's face is a tad weird... but both babes were beyond excited to be at Chuck E Cheese!
They loved the rides and rode them for hours....

All smiles and loving our mini celebration for his big sis!
Me and my big girl!
They even got to meet Chuck E Cheese himself and dance around shakin' their maraca's!
Then Chuck E Cheese gathered all the kids together for a little dance and a storm of free TICKETS! There's Greta... ready to catch any tickets that fell her way!
We had so much fun!

The babes were able to run around, play games, go on some rides, win tickets, eat pizza, and all in all... just have a really great day!

I am so thankful for my snow day and that I was able to share in a wonderful day celebrating an accomplishment with my not so little... little girl!

And to think... I would have missed all of that if it wasn't for a snow storm that brought us 10 inches of snow!

Way to go Greta!

And thank you Jesus for snow days!

Chat later,


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