Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Facts:

Since I can't think of anything else to post about, I mean... it was my birthday yesterday, I thought I would ramble off
28 Random Facts About Me:

Here we go...

1. I was born the day of a terrile snow storm back in 1983 and snow has seemed to follow my birthday every single stinkin' year!

2. Every day, religiously, I use lotion immediately after getting out of the shower.
Jergen's Original Scent for every day use... Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods for special days, date nights, church, or get togethers.

3. The show Friends was and is the best show that has ever been on t.v.!

I own every season and watch them all the time. I start off with disc one, Season one and go clear through the entire run of the show to Season 10.
In 2010 I did it again and watched the entire run of the show... so as of January 1st I started back over and now am watching Season one for probably the 6th or 7th time!

4. My favorite cereal is a tie between Peanut Butter Captain Crunch or Cocoa Pebbles.
I know... totally not healthy... so sue me!

5. I love the smell of bleach.
I clean with it, wash with it, scrub just about any surface with it, I just love it!
NOTE - Fill both sides of your sink up with hot hot water and a splash of bleach in each side. Let that stand for roughly 30 minutes. Let out some of the water so you can take a rag, sponge, green scrubby, whatev, and scrub your sinks while the water/bleach is still in there. Drain the water... wipe out your sink... then take a little windex and wipe it down to make it shine!
Your sink will never look so good! ;)

6. Yesterday we had cupcakes and coffee for breakfast! It was my birthday... we got to splurge!
The babes loved it! - Oh and you see that sign on the table?! Yep, that was from Greta... she got me a "Lotso Bear" for my birthday.

7. Loren and I never took a honeymoon after our wedding.
It is sad, it is terrible, and one day... one day I tell you... I will remedy that! Mark my words... some day my hubby and I will get our long lost honeymoon! - I will be taking contributions as of tomorrow! LOL

8. My favorite color... the color that usually grabs my eye, is red! My favorite color to dress with is black. The color that always brings a smile to my face is a gorgeous creamy yellow. And the color I would love to incorporate more into my home is a light robins egg blue. I however do not like the color purple! And no, I am not talking about the movie.

9. I used to be 5' 9" and a half... but over the last year or so of doctors appointments I must have started to shrink because they keep saying I am a flat 5' 9" ?!?! Weird!

10. I love Nutella!

You can spread it on anything, bake with it, dunk stuff in it, or eat it plain by the spoonful! It is to die for! Next time you are at the store... you need to pick some up!
This recipe for Nutella Cupcakes looks amazing. Or make some of these for Valentines Day! Yum-O!

11. Sunday is my favorite day of the week!

12. I do all of my grocery shopping at Aldi!
With the small exception of buying some groceries at Target... but other than that it's all Aldi baby!
Taco Chips for 99 cents... check! Baby Carrots for 59 cents a bag... check! Eggs for $1.09... check! A girls gotta save, where a girls gotta save!

13. Speaking of saving... I box dye my hair. The color I use is Color Brilliance by Ion in Dark Brown. It's the liquid kind you mix half and half with developer and I get it at Sally's on the cheap!

14. This guy....

... is the BEST thing that ever happened to me!!!

15. I love coffee but only with cream.
If there is no cream and I have to drink it black... I will not drink it.

16. I hate scary movies!
Hate, hate, hate them! Ecspecially movies that mess with your mind... like with ghosts and spirits. Or movies that deal with scary little kids! Why would I want to watch a movie where there is some scary little girl standing at the foot of your bed...... when Greta comes and stands at the foot of our bed to wake us up in the morning some times! Agh, yikes!
Grandma Jan would say I don't need to fill my brain with that kind of stuff or those images and I agree 100%!

17. Some people's favorite food group is Mexican or Italian... mine is "breakfast!"
I love all things breakfast food! Eggs, bacon, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, orange juice, waffles, sausage, doughnuts, scones! Love it all!

18. Speaking of breakfast... the thing I order EVERY single time we eat at Denny's (or Denny's House as G likes to call it) is the Moons Over My Hammy.
All I have to say is De-lish!

19. Loren and I met on a chat site called "Just a Chat. com."
We were so not looking to find each other or even on there for dating purposes! I even went under the user name of "erickson83" to throw men off into thinking I was a girl. Good thing I did! - Loren thought I was a dude and started talking to me about cars and finding car parts for his old Galaxy!
After he wouldn't stop buggin' me... we chatted... 2 weeks later felt a connection so we talked on the phone.... 1 year later met in person.... another year later decided we couldn't live with out each other.... 2 years later we were married! And that is the story of how my southern boy became a Minnesotan!

20. When I was pregnant with Greta I loved McDonalds and Honeybuns. When I was pregnant with Tuck it was a gallon of milk with a straw in it and pickles... mainly drinking the juice after I finished off the jar of pickles themselves.

21. I have worked at Bennett Cooper Floors for 11 years!!!
But beside Bennett Cooper... I have worked at a flower shop, Prom Catering, delivered papers for the Star Tribune, sold wall decals for Uppercase Living, been a PCA (personal care assitant) for a quadriplegic, and a vendor for a home furnishings store!

22. My babes are better bowlers than me!

Seriously... they both got higher scores than their Mother! In my defense... they had bumpers and this ramp thing that was a shoe in for strikes and spares!!! Whatever, I'm over it! lol

23. My favorite current t.v. shoe is Modern Family! - so funny!

24. While we're on t.v. - Ellen is my favorite talk show host!
I think she is kind, and sweet, and funny, and a hilarious dancer! Her show just makes me smile.

25. My life and relationship with God has completely changed now that we have found Eaglebrook Church! We usually go Saturday nights for the 6:05 service and out of all 3 pastors my favorite is Bob Merritt, the head Pastor. Something about him and his way of teaching just grabs me!

26. I have a hard time sleeping if Loren and Walter aren't in bed with me.

27. Two of the best books I have ever read are...

This book is great for married couples! It really helps you understand your mate and how they need to be shown love... and same goes for yourself. Do you feel most loved when your hubby buys you a little gift? Does your husband know you love him when you put your love to action and help him out with a project or maybe when you just give him a hug?
Seriously... super good read!

And than this book...

Great if you have kids or so interesting if you just like to know how people work... or why you are they way you are!

28. I am so blessed!
And funny thing is... it's not because of anything I have done... it's all because my Father takes care of me!

...but I guess if you read this blog, you might have already known that about me! :)

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!

Chat later,


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