Monday, October 11, 2010

Grand Opening = Huge Success!

So, the weekend is over and our first sale at Louise's Basement is behind us!

The Grand Opening was so much fun and from what I can tell... it went really, really well!
The numbers aren't in so I can't say if I hit it rich yet!
But regardless of hittin' it rich or not... a ton of our stuff is gone, the buzz around the shop was great, and I had a ton of fun while I was there on Saturday!

It seems as though the majority of our small stuff went but we still have some of our larger items around. Which is no biggie... hopefully they will find a good home during the next sale! - If not, you girls may be getting a good deal on them so I don't have to bring them back and store them in Loren's garage!!!

But the bigger selling items seem to be the small stuff! Little ditty's for the house and smaller furniture items like end tables and dressers. Which makes total sense! Who doesn't need some cute little extras for their house instead of a large piece of furniture! Big items definitely take a specific buyer.

But with that said we are still so excited! I absolutely loved being up there on Saturday! It gave me a chance to feel the vibe, meet some of our customers, and see which kinds of items were selling!

Here is a little photo recap of the weekend!

On Thursday when I got the call from Kelly, the owner, that tons of our little stuff was flying out the door... Loren and I decided to whip up some last minute things for me to bring up there on Saturday.
So here is the little pile of last minute stuff...

These little quote blocks turned out super cute! For $4 and $5 you can't help but grab one or two!

Here is the glorious walk down into Louise's Basement. Breath taking, I tell ya! .....

One of my cute little entry way shelves...

Lisa's Hair Diddy's....

Our Mason Jar Soap Pumps! Love these little babies...

And that's about it!

A big thanks to all the girls who made the drive to check out the new store... and to the girls who came to see me on Saturday.... nothing like sharing my "dream come true" moment with some of my favorite friends!

Now, Mr. Appleberry and I are in full swing for the November sale! The garage is already loaded with 5 new pieces that need to be painted, sanded, and gussied up! And my brain is in overdrive with tons of ideas for cute little pieces you will just have to have on your next visit!

Oh, and not to mention Loren took on a little side project for one of my friends. He is building thee most gorgeous kitchen table!!! - I'll let you know how that goes!

He is actually going out of town this weekend to get the deer cabin ready. - It's not enough that he gets to go hunting, now he has to "get the deer cabin ready!"
So it looks as though I will be a single lady this weekend.
I am definitely a little sad and torn with what to do with my time. - the very little alone time I will have.
Besides taking care of the babes, doing approximately 40 diaper changes, serving and cleaning up after 16 meals and countless snacks... oh, and praying that my patience doesn't wear out I may or may not take my "alone time" to work in the garage or sit down and enjoy a girly movie that Loren refuses to watch!

So we shall see!

But here's to a new week, a new sale, fresh ideas, and my hubby leaving me for the weekend!
(Can you tell he never does this and I am being kind of a baby about the whole thing?!)
- Wish me luck!

* I should post a disclaimer for anyone who even thinks or attempts to break into my house... I have a furious dog that would love to attack you and a gun next to my bed that I know how to use! - There I feel a bit more safe now. *

Have a great week!

Chat later,


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