Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pumpkin Pancakes

I've talked about my love of breakfast food before... and it's no secret it is one of my favorite food groups! Not too mention it is thee absolute best and most easy food group to go to when you have no time or have forgotten to pull anything out for dinner! *Aghh, ghmm... happens more at our house than you'd think!

So last week when I was in a pinch I went for the traditional scrabbled eggs and pancakes! A classic favorite, yes?!

But instead of doing standard pancakes... with Fall in the air I went a little wild and did... Pumpkin Pancakes! - And boy did they turn out super yummy!

Since I was in a hurry I went all Sandra Lee, Semi-Homemade style.
By that I mean I did not make my pancakes from scratch! I used regular old pancake mix and just "doctored it up" a bit!

Here's all you need...
I should mention I doubled the recipe for my pancakes on the back of the box. To my doubled batch I added about half a can of pumpkin, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a couple dashes of cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. (Note: if your mixture is too runny just add a bit more pancake mix.) My mixture was a cute looking orange color!
Oh, and I almost forgot... I added about a tablespoon of flax seed. See, they were kind of like homemade pancakes!
And that's it, whip up your batter and start makin' your pancakes. Good thing I have a griddle otherwise a huge batch of pancakes can take awhile!
There ya' have it! A yummy plate of Pumpkin Pancakes! They are really good and actually the pumpkin makes them insanely moist! With warm maple syrup they were the perfect fall favorite for my fam. And they weren't too sweet at all!
Ahh yes, I mentioned I doubled the batch and that is because I planned on freezing the rest! Whenever you are making anything always think of the freezing possibility. So I say, if you are whipping up a batch of pancakes would it hurt to make a couple more and freeze them?! I have done this with banana bread or pumpkin bread, but especially try it with pancakes! It really takes little effort to make a bunch more. Now the babes have pumpkin pancakes for breakfast whenever they want! A win win!

Homemade is always best but who says you can't fake it when needed!

So give this neat idea a try and let me know if your family likes them as much as mine did!

I think we will be having a lot more pumpkin pancakes around our house this fall!

Chat later,


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