Monday, October 4, 2010

Apple Orchard

Oh how I LOVE Fall and all things that come with it!
Yesterday Loren and I took the babes on their very first visit to an Apple Orchard! Every fall we have done a pumpkin patch, but I don't know why we never put going to an orchard in the mix. It honestly was so much fun! And not too mention it was a really beautiful day! I would definitely say that going to the orchard will now be a yearly family tradition!

We went to Aamodt's in Stillwater, MN. It was a really great orchard with lots of stuff to do and see for the babes. My favorite part of course was trying all the apples and just walking up and down the orchard itself! But the kids loved the hayrides, the goats, the hay maze, and the apple doughnuts!

So with the babes in the wagon and my hubby at my side, hand in hand, this was our wonderful visit to the Apple Orchard!

The morning started out a little chilly for the babes but boy were they excited to be there!
The apple doughnuts were delicious!
Callin' the goats over.

Daddy & Tuck, waitin' to get on the hayride.
Me & my baby girl enjoying the ride through the orchard.

They sure loved all the apples they got to eat. I think this was their second one!
This is how family pictures go... you all know what I'm talkin' about!
And finally, the hay maze! We spent about 15 minutes in there pretending with Greta that we were indeed, "lost!"
After we got home the babes, well just Tuck, took a little snooze. Towards evening we ate some left overs, took a hot bath, and made a homemade apple pie with all of the apples we gathered that day! Why spend $13.00 on someone else's homemade apple pie when your own is amazingly yummy, about a third of the price, and tons of fun to make with the help of your family!

Now here we are, back to good ol' Monday!
Fresh start to a new week!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

Chat later,


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