Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pottery Barn Plates

It's bad! I can hardly sleep at night! My mind is constantly rolling around with new ideas and little ditty's for the November Sale of Louise's Basement!

Seriously, I lay awake at night looking at magazines, jotting ideas down in my notebook, dreaming, and sorting, and coming up with new things! I actually have to put in a season of Friends to calm my soul and wind down my brain! - I'm totally a nut job, aren't I?!
See, I told you it was bad! lol - Do I have a sickness? Do I need therapy?

So we have some pieces left from the last sale and I already have got my hands on a coffee table, bookcase, kitchen table, and 2 little cabinets! - These are all sitting in the garage waiting for Loren and I to work our magic. But as for the little ditty's... the extra crafty things, I have not done anything for November.

As I was browsing through the Pottery Barn Magazine, I found these....

... adorable little white plates with some twine wrapped around them and letters shoved in them! I thought it made a really cute display!

I know white plates and dishes are a big fad right now and I think they are just lovely! I don't have an area like this in my kitchen or house for that matter, but would love to make room for something like this one day!
So as soon as I saw the grouping of white plates they immediately caught my eye. As I looked closer I knew I could whip up some cute plates like these.

So, on my most recent trip to the Goodwill I scored 3 little antique white plates that were just perfect for my project!

And here is the finished project! My first item for the November Sale....
I'm calling them "Thanksgiving Plates!"

(remember you can click on any picture to enlarge it)

How cute would these plates look hung on the wall with plate hangers, or displayed on a plate stand in the kitchen hutch or on the counter?!

They are neutral, they are simple, they have just enough of a Thanksgiving touch, and they are simply GORGEOUS!

Gosh, I am ALWAYS wanting to keep stuff for myself! This business is quite difficult on me!
I even have the perfect plate rack in my kitchen screaming out for a beautiful update just like these! - But NO, I will not! These are for you, these are for the customer!

So if you see these in the November sale at Louise's Basement take a minute to smile at these simple but pretty ladies. And if you really love them... buy them and give them a good home!

I know I want to! :)

Chat later,


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