Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Recent Discoveries

1. Since we just celebrated Father's Day this past weekend it got me thinking about my hubby and how much I appreciate him and his role in our family.
It seems as though Father's Day never really excited me or meant much until Loren became the father of my babies. Now, for the last couple of years I have really looked forward to Father's Day! A day to celebrate my hubby and the wonderful, kind, playful, handy, God fearing, respectful Dad that he is! Because of him and the man that he has become... I know we are gonna' raise some fine babes!

2. Greta is quickly becoming one of my favorite people to hang out with! Honestly! She is funny and sweet and she loves to sit down and "chit-chat." She has the funniest things to say and I just can't get enough time with her! I work more than I would like to pay the bills and it takes away time from her and that makes me sad. But, I know it is just for a season to pay off our debt... and one day.... one day soon, I will have all the time I want with Greta.
I can definitely see how daughters become their Momma's best friends! She calls me her best friend and I would have to say with out a doubt... she is one of mine :)

3. I said it yesterday and I think it must have been for-shadowing or call it a Mothers intuition if you will... 'cause Tuck took 11 steps last night! - By himself, no walker or assitance of any furniture!!! See, I just feel it in my bones.... my little boy will be walking in no time! I think I'm gonna' have to shout out a "Praise the Lord" on that one! I can NOT wait till he is more mobile and independant! This is big and I am excited!

4. There are some super good songs out right now that are totally grabbin' my fancy! I am slightly addicted to these songs! Lookin' for a good tune? Check these out... here, here, and here.

That's it. That's what's new around here and goin' on in my head today. Hope you guys are having a good day!

It is nice and warm here in Minnesota! I can't wait for Thursday and Friday... we will be back at the pool soakin' up some sun!

Chat later,


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