Tuesday, September 1, 2009

~ The Bittersweet Moments of Being a Mommy ~

This blog was designed so I could share some of my favorite things. Things I am passionate about, things that make me smile, things that I am successful at. Like a good recipe or a really great craft project. But something I don't share about all the time or dive into great lengths about, is being a Mom. It truly is one of my favorite things! And not because it has to be, but because it just is. But even though being a Mom is one of my favorite things... it is bittersweet. Being a Mom is not always fun or easy, which is why I believe we sometimes forget to put it on the list of "favorites."

And I think other Mom's would agree?! We get so caught up in the day to day routine that we forget or even lose... our passion. And let me take this moment in time to stop and say... I am soooo passionate about my babies!
I have been working a second job lately as a means to bring in a bit of extra income and boy has it helped. But obviously with working extra hours comes extra hours away from my babies. And in the grand scheme of things it is ok. The hours are not terrible...they work for us, the extra income is nice, and the job itself is actually rewarding and fun. But I still can't help but miss my babies!
Then this morning I read this post by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick and I'll admit... I got a little teary eyed. It made me start reminiscing about the good, the bad and the ugly of being a Mom. (this was all in my own head of course)

I have always been an advocate for "real" mom's. Mom's that are not afraid to tell it like it is. The whole truth and nothing but the truth. Maybe it's my first born personality or maybe it's my pessimistic attitude, but I like to know the good and the BAD. I feel like if I know the bad, then maybe I can be prepared?! Now that I am a Mom, I know that that is not entirely true.
I have been reading a super great book that my sister in law Tracy bought me. It's called "I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids." It talks about all the struggles, expectations, and responsibilities of being a Mom. It also breaks down their theory on "Cupcake Mom's." Mom's who are so afraid of being perfect that they drive themselves crazy. To us they look like they have it all together, but in the safety of their own homes, they are just like us... crazy! lol
I think you and I can both admit... we have tried to act like the perfect Mom a time or two. (or maybe ten!) But I think we are all alike! We are all just trying to get out of this alive! We are all just trying to raise healthy, happy, kids.
But no one warned us how hard motherhood would be! No one told us how much of ourselves we would have to give up! But then again, would we have believed them? Would we have listened?

Being a Mother is hard, no doubt! But it is so rewarding! And if we can just strip away all the expectations and truly focus on what the core of being a "good mom" is, we might just make it! We might just BE a good Mom! And on top of that... we might just have the time and energy to raise our children into the men and women God has intending for them to be!
After spending this weekend working I have really started looking at Motherhood from both sides. You know the two sides I am talking about?
Why is it that when I am with my children I want a break... but when I get that break... all I want is to have my time back with my children???
Well, I believe it's because for every good there is a bad... for every easy there's a hard. But I KNOW it is in the hard times that make me love being a Mom even more! If I never knew sorrow I could never experience the full power of a rejoice!

And so with all that said, today is a day I want to rejoice! I have two wonderful babies at home that know and love my touch! My voice can sing them to sleep, my arms can hold them and make them feel safe. Because I am a Mom... I no longer live for myself, and that is ok. I get to fall asleep next to my little girl instead of my hubby every now and again! I now get to spend my nights watching Yo Gabba Gabba clapping and cheering Greta on while she dances to the music. I get to eat dinner as fast as humanly possibly because Tucker is crying and just wants to be cuddled!

Don't you see... the dance of motherhood is all so bittersweet! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. Wouldn't you agree?
But with that said, it is also ok to not like being a Mom some days! And today might be that kind of day. We all have our moments. Babies get sick and don't want to sleep. Toddlers can throw a fit in Target because that can't have that certain toy. Teenagers talk back because you just don't "understand!" Stress and just plain ole' life take over and you just fine yourself worried and maxed out.

Whatever the case, whatever moment you are in... just remember to be REAL! Because being real makes you accessable. Being real makes others want to talk to you, take your advice or confide in you. Being real makes you, you!

So to Mom's or any parents out there, I hope this served as a word of encouragement or a reminder to hang in there!

And for the sake of reminiscing... here is my very real journey as a Mom......

Greta Janel Appleberry - born December 31st at 10:01 pm. Fifteen hours of labor and my very first baby was born! Just in time to see the ball drop! We finished 2007 with a bang but started 2008 with alot of changes.

From birth to 3 months old Greta suffered with Colic... and Mommy and Daddy (and Walter) suffered right along side her! Although it was a rocky time and we dreaded that season of our lives, we got through it!

Our first Easter together! Greta was such a doll in her little dress. That morning she cried and cried because she was so over tired. Just a few short weeks after this picture was taken... Greta learned how to roll over!

Greta's very first time visiting Butler, Missouri - the town her Daddy grew up in! It was a loooooong 9 hour drive filled with tons of stops for bottles and butt changes! But everyone loved her and it was so worth it!

Greta spent the first summer of her life in the pool at Grandma Janel's house and absolutely loved the water! She was the happiest that summer just splashing around in her little tube. At the end of summer that year we found out we were expecting another baby! Hard to believe at the time since my first baby was still a baby!

Our first experience at a pumpkin patch with Greta. She loved the hayride and the horse. She would not look at the camera to save her life that day... but we made some good memories! The weekend after our pumpkin patch adventure Loren and I celebrated our 2nd year of marriage!

My baby turned ONE! This was such a sad but happy day for me! I was the mom to a one year old and had a healthy little boy growing inside me. Tucker was born just about 4 months later!

My sweet baby girl. At this point... walking, talking, swimming, and just growing like a weed! She has turned into quite the little girl!

Tucker Loren Appleberry - born April 23rd 2009 at 1:56 am. My SECOND baby! I was almost in shock at what a grown up I had become! Born 3 weeks early he could not be held, touched or fed since his lungs were so under developed. I remember thinking what a cruel thing to put a new mother through. But God was faithful and our little guy grew strong and healthy in no time!

He had to spend some time in the hospital but we were there for every feeding praying and cheering him on.

Just "us 3" - strange to have a picture with just my husband and my son. But we knew we wanted to capture some really special one on one moments with just Tuck. All too soon he would know what it will be like to have to share the spot light with his sister! lol

I didn't think it was possible, but there is a very distinct, special place in a mothers heart for her son.

And here they are... my wonderful little family (except our puppy Walter). It takes alot of blood, sweat, and tears to keep us going but it's worth it! I'm a wife and mother of two and it does not come easy! But these are the people I live for. One of these days I will look back on the chaotic mess it took to raise my little babes and think... "hmmm, I did it! I raised children and lived to tell about it! I guess it wasn't so bad?!" Ha! Whatever helps get a Momma through. :)

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