Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Momma Always Taught Me To Share!

.... And sharing is what I am about to do!

So, when I got into work this morning I had a message from my friend Lisa telling me to check out this site... How Does She?! It is a site full of ideas that is dedicated to helping us all become better Mom's, Wives, and Women! - Can't go wrong there!
Now, I haven't had a ton of time to go digging and play around on this site but I can tell you from just about a 10 minute stay... I am in LOVE!
But more importantly, I had to hurry up and get over here so I could pass this on right away!

You see, "" has found TWO FREE OFFERS that I could NOT pass up!
This is where the sharing comes in! .....

1. You can grab a FREE PHOTO MUG for new customers by using FREEMUG as the coupon code at the time of checkout! All you have to pay is the $5.99 shipping!

(Photo taken from

Think of what a cute gift it would make for a grandparent, hubby, mom, or just yourself!
NOTE: This is for an 11 oz. white single photo mug.
Now hurry up and get over there and get a mug just like I did! - Offer expires 6.30.10

2. Get a FREE 8x10 Canvas Print or upgrade to a bigger canvas using your FREE $55.00 credit towards the upgrade!

(Photo taken from

I mean can you believe this deal!!!! I haven't technically order one yet because I can't decide which family photo to use!!! - Ahh, the stress of it all! :)

Ok, so there you have it! TWO FREE AMAZING OFFERS! - But before I forget, I'd really like to give a shout out to my friend Lisa and the gals over at HowDoesShe. This post and all the sharing would not have happened with out them pointing me in the right direction. - So thanks!

Oh, and on a side note....

Folks, we have a WALKER in the house!

In the last 48 hours Tuck has went from a wobbly, I don't really care to do this, timid, only hold on furniture, walker.... to a true, I don't have to hold onto anything, I can walk like 18 steps WALKER!!!!!!

Wow! I am proud, he is proud, Daddy is proud, heck... even Greta has been standing there cheering him on! And it could not have come on a better day! - Today Tuck is exactly 14 months old!

Way to go Mr. Tuck! You are getting so big!

Mommy & Daddy love you so much and could not be more proud of you!

Chat later,


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