Saturday, March 19, 2011

To The Capitol We Will Go!

Yesterday me, Loren, and the babes got the honor of taking our very first trip to our state capitol!

Remember this wrappin' up post which documented the victory of my brother in law winning his house seat for the city of Andover?!

Well, now that B is a fancy pants congressman... he was able to give us a glimpse into his world and a small dose of history as we were able tour the floors of the Minnesota State Capitol... VIP style! lol

Here is a little compilation of the 73 pictures I took yesterday....

Here we are on the stairs of the capitol! Can't see much of it... but it's there! And oh yeah, under construction as well.

Every where you looked your eyes were overwhelmed with beauty and the most intricate design.
Every square inch to the peek of the ceiling was hand painted and touched with detail. Absolutely no space was left bare. Every nook and cranny of that place was perfectly thought out and decorated to the nines!
And check out this chandelier! I think it would look perfect in my home as well... don't you?!
We were greeted with lots of American history.
And even some funny hats!
The babes couldn't get enough of all there was too look at... and needless to say all the space there was to run!
After walking around awhile, we were finally able to spend some time in the house room where Branden gets down to business! Can you imagine calling this place your work?! Beautiful!
And here is the proud Daddy/Congressman chillin' in his chair showin' Paisley the ropes.
And of course my babes had to give Uncle B's chair a spin!
I think Tuck's ready to cast his vote! lol
Loren was in his element! He loved soakin' up all that history...
... and I loved soakin' up all that time and a whole day off with him.
It was such a fun day! A great way to get out of the house and do something different. It's definitely not every day you can say that you went to the state capitol... but I am so glad we were able to make the trip and spend the day as a family.
All in all, we had a goofy... I mean GREAT day!
Thanks Jes, B, & Paisley for a super fun day!

What a great idea it was and I became even more proud of Branden just seeing him doing what he loves to do!

Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Chat next week,


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