Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snoop Doggy Dog - And Baby Fever!

This is going to be a strange, random, and funny post... hence the title, right?!

I just had to share this story!

So yesterday, my sister Jes was at our house because she happens to be our nanny.
Well, while she was over she noticed a blue bowl next to our bed on my night stand table.
This bowl immediately sparked her interest!

Jes assumed that obviously a bowl next to our bed meant someone was most likely sick.
And if someone in our house was sick... maybe it was me... and if it was me, then that must have meant I was PREGNANT!

So my sister... or "Snoop Doggy Dog" as we will now call her... immediately went over to the bowl to investigate.

As later told by her... Jes said "I at first thought no, it can't be!" "Is Jenny pregnant?!"
"But then I thought maybe you guys had popcorn in bed the night before... so I ran my finger along the bottom of the bowl to check for grease and there was none in there!"

And then Jes turns to me and says... "So seriously! Are you pregnant???"


At this point of her questioning I am laughing so hard!
You seriously ran your finger along the bottom of a bowl to check for grease?! I wonder if she smelt it to see if it smelt like puke! lol
I don't know why it is that people are waiting on a limb to hear that I am pregnant again?!
My Mom and sister both are constantly thinking "is she, is she?"

Well like I said last night Jes... NO I am NOT pregnant!
Monday night I had thee worst migraine. A migraine so bad that when I went to bed the room started to spin and I could have sworn I was going to throw up.

But with that funny story behind us and my sister getting dubbed with a new nickname...
I actually have to share something very sweet!

While rummaging through some photos on my computer I found a whole folder of long lost videos I had taken on my camera.
And low and behold, here is the video of the day Tuck started to take his very first steps!

This is where the baby fever actually comes in!
I can't believe my baby boy has gotten so big, so fast! It's probably because I am around him all the time that I don't really see the day to day changes but when I ran across this video and saw his chubby little self with his big drooling smile... I couldn't help but miss having a baby baby in the house.

Well... just check it out, you'll see what I mean...

Click on this YouTube link to see the video!

After watching this maybe some day I do want another baby! We'll see!
But for now... NO Jes, I am NOT!

Chat later,


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