Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Is In The Air!

Call me an over achiever....
...but I already have whipped out some cute diddy's for April's sale up at the Basement!
And ohhh do I want to keep them!

Not only has the snow around us been melting and the temps getting close to 50... but I am working with greens, robins egg blue, and whites... all colors that are fresh and screaming spring!

My favorite piece that I actually worked on just last night was this adorable "Be Humble" sign.
I am in love with it!

I love the color, I love that it's a little reminder, and I love the painted barn/fence looking lumber! This sign was actually made from this wood.

Ah, don't you just want one?! I do!
And for that matter... if you really do, just email me! I can place an order for you.

And last but not least the final sign I worked on last night was this beauty...

Again... I love the color, and that wood... love it!

So there it is... spring in a box... or a crate rather!

And like usual, I was burnin' the midnight oil to get some of these done after the babes went to bed. Remember this post? - I knew paint in the hair would happen.
Well it came true last night... I was caught red handed... or whatever you would call this....

After I was ready for bed, Loren caught me comin' out of the bathroom lookin' like this... with paint in my hair!

Oh well, guess it comes with the territory!

Hope you all enjoyed the taste of spring we are whippin' up around here! And remember, if you can't wait till April's sale for a sign or something you've seen around here... just let me know!

Chat later,


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