Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cutest Cupcakes... EVER!

So, I've been planning Tuck's 2nd Birthday Party and coming up with fun ideas for the theme, colors for decorating, and so on and so forth.
Well, I really want to stick with a color scheme of red and robins egg blue and I thought just one of the cute ways I could pull that off was to add those colors in to my cupcakes!

Well, just so happened that a work friend of Loren's... which happens to be my uncle, Dave... was having his last day at Rebarfab on Friday of last week!
Kind of a bummer to have David leave... so I wanted to do something a little special to wish him luck on his new journey in life.
And what a win win that I got to practice my cupcake combo! Yeah!

Check out how cute they are!

So I started with your good ole' box cake mix!
Let's face it... I am not a total Martha Stewart!
Although I did doctor them up a bit.... extra coco and some cinnamon in the chocolate batter and just a tablespoon of almond extract in the vanilla ones. - just that little extra something to make your taste buds go "Mmmmm!"

After baking them I whipped up some fun robin's egg blue frosting...

By mixing 1 can of yellow and one can of white frosting I got just the right base. Then all I had to do was add about 8 drops of blue food coloring to get this...

The perfect "robins egg blue" color!

After it was mixed up, I shoved that frosting in my new favorite tool... my frosting gun!!!

Holy cow do I love that thing! I don't know how I got by so long with out one!
I actually got it this year after Christmas down the 75% off Christmas aisle at Target! And yes... the tag does say $4.48!!! HUGE GRIN!

Greta even thought the frosting gun was cool! Even though it was a gun... Tuck still kept coloring! lol

Anyways... once the cupcakes were cooled, I got to frosting and boy were they lookin' good!

But even though these were initiated because of a test run... it was still about David and his last day at work and I wanted to make him feel special. So, I grabbed my card stock, a stamp, toothpicks, and some ruffled scissors and these were what I came up with to stick in the cupcakes!

They really turned out better than I had expected! Which is great news! Now I can make them and feel super confident having them for Tuck's Party!

So, so, CUTE!

I wish David the best of Luck at his new job and I am super excited to make another batch of these and show them off in person!
What about you gals? Cupcakes are all the rage lately... so have you made any that turned out super cute? Or what about another dessert that looked just as good as it tasted?!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!
Here's to the start of a great week ahead!

Chat later,


P.S. Hope you like the new, slightly wild, springy look to the blog!
I can just feel that spring is around the corner and I wanted to add a bright, fun, feel to the blog to remind us all to hang in there! The Minnesota snow will soon be GONE! Hooray!

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