Monday, March 21, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy...

... a hubby that not only watches out for my well being, but my health too! :)
The hubby and I are back at incorporating a little bit of healthy eating and exercise into our lives.

I am sure you guys can relate... if it is not something you are consciously thinking about every day you tend to forget about a healthy lifestyle! Add kids, multiple jobs and remembering or even caring to eat healthy or exercise just flys out the window.
But, when the scale said that I had gained back 20 of the 30lbs. I had lost last year... we figured it was time!

So, no gimmicks, no contest, no cash prize to motivate us... just a sad sad number on the scale and pool days at grandma's house lurking around the corner!
Who knows... I am not very good at this! I might fail and be eating a whole box of Kempswiches by next week! (they are A.mazing and one of my many guilty pleasures!!!) lol
- But Grandma Jan would say words mean things... So...

(get to a skinner version of me before I have to squeeze my butt into a bathing suite this summer!)

Here's to a GREAT... healthy... week ahead!!!

Chat later,


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