Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Craft Project: Cheap Cake Platter!

Ok, so I got another great, inexpensive craft for you girls to try!
I saw this post on How Does She? - (I can't tell you how much I LOVE this site!)

And I figured... "You know what?" "I can make that!"
"And I might even have the stuff on hand!" - And I did!
As you will see, I didn't make a 3 tier cake stand like the one shown on HowDoesShe. - although I love it and think it is adorable! I just tried a single tier for now. I needed more glass plates and I actually wanted to glue mine not just rest the plates and stands on top of eachother... something about it didn't seem sturdy enough.

So, I went in my Goodwill Stash - you know my stash of random things I pick up at the Goodwill for super cheap knowing I will use one day! ie: Frames, plates, mugs, jars, etc.
Anyways, I went in my stash and I grabbed these 2 items.....

A glass plate and candle holder...
(The plate was a quarter and the candle stand was a buck!)

I actually used a little hot glue around the rim of the candle holder to adhere the holder to the plate....

After the glue dried, 10 seconds later, I flipped it right side up....

And there ya' go! Cute, Cheap, Easy!

I know mine is different than the HowDoesShe one... this was just my take on it with what I had on hand and what I thought would work best for us.

I didn't have any goodies to put on it right away so I thought it might find a nice little spot on my kitchen shelf! See it?! There to the left with a little frame on top of it?!

Who says cake stands have to be used for cake and not decoration?! I figure she can stay up there till I have to pull her down and actually use her for some treats.

These cake stands are ridiculously cute, cheap, and easy. I think I whipped mine up in about 5 minutes and like I stated earlier... it cost me a $1.25!!!!!!!

If you girls don't have a cake stand in your house... by all means whip one up! Or if you have a shower or party coming up and want to have some cute platters or stands to put goodies on, these stands would be perfect!

So head over to the Goodwill, or the Dollar Store, or just shop your cubbards and make one of these cuties! The next time you make cookies or cupcakes serve them on here and I guarantee you... you will feel tickled pink!

Chat later,


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  1. Crossing my fingers to find some goodies on this baby on Saturday! lol :)


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