Friday, July 23, 2010

Greta Says....

We ran into Home Goods today to pick up a sign for Tuck's room (we are finally going to try and paint/put his room together!) - but another post on that later! Anyways, we are in the store... Tuck in the front part of the cart and Greta in the back. As we are walking down the aisles, Greta see's this guy.......

You know, one of those Bistro Chef kinda of things.

Here's how the conversation went down.....

In her not so quiet voice Greta says... "Oh look Mom, its JESUS!"
Me: "Where?!"
G: "Right there! It's JESUS!"
Me: "Where is Jesus?! What are you pointing at sweetie?"
G: "Right there." "That chubby boy, that's Jesus."
You tell me?! Do you see any resemblence?!

Hahaha. I couldn't help but bust out laughing right there in the store!!!

Kids say the darndest things I guess!

I tried explaining to her what a chef was, but she didn't quite get it! Once she thought that was Jesus that is all she had in her head... and needless to say all she wanted to talk about on our trip to Home Goods.
While down one of the home decor aisles she saw this statue of a pig... which then started up a whole conversation about Jesus and how he had Noah build the ark and Noah let pigs get on his boat!
She is beyond precious and quite the chatty little girl! I love watching her grow and change and learn. This is by far my favorite stage or age that we have been through. However it does actually makes me a little sad realizing that she is not so much a baby anymore. :(
She is on her way to being a big girl!

Oh, P.S. - I added a visual to this post here! Remember I was saying old, chunky frames are your BFF... well here is a little chalkboard paint done up on a little silver platter! Too cute!
Chat later,

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