Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Little Craft Project: Mason Jar Soap Pump.

Remember on Monday how I told you I did a ton of "little projects" over the weekend?!
Well girls.... here is craft #2 and it couldn't be easier!

I have always had a love for glass jars... specifically Mason Jars! I don't know what it is about them?! Maybe it's because I feel like they are old and remind us of a simpler time. Maybe it's because I swear one day I will learn how to start canning with them. Or maybe it's because you can come up with a million CUTE things to do with them!
I had been seeing this dispenser idea here, here, and here. (This last one gives you a great step by step tutorial if you don't immediately "get the gist" of this project just by looking at it).
Anyways after seeing how it was I ran off to make one. Well actually it was Friday night and my honey was home too, so I hollared at him to grab his drill!
I just grabbed a mason jar from my stash.... if you don't have a stash like me! lol.... then you can buy them in a pack at Walmart or pick up just a couple at the Goodwill for about .50 cents a pop!
All I did.... with Loren's supervision over his precious tool... was drill a hole into the top of your mason jar lid. Easy!

After you drill your hole stick a soap pump that you have from an old bottle right in the top! Fill your jar with soap, lotion, whatev.... and you are done!

I TOLD YOU! This couldn't be any easier, right?
And on top of that it couldn't be cheapier... but it makes me oh-so-happy every time I go to wash my hands in the bathroom!

I'm stillin' tickled at just how stinkin' adorable these are!!! I may just have to whip up a bunch to have on hand or give away as gifts! - look out friends... some of you may be getting one of these lil' cuties!

Have you been inspired yet to go make one these little projects we have been talking about?! Just do it.... go get your craft on!
And remember to come back and show us! I love a good show and tell!!!

Chat later,


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  1. great idea! would look even better with a metal top.


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