Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy...

I picked up this polk-a-dot apron and spoon holder a little while back from Home Goods and completely forgot to show them off! I finally used the apron over the weekend for the first time and was totally smitten! It is too cute and kinda makes me feel like some 1950's house wife. Very June Cleverish, eh?!
And you can't beat the clearance tag on both these items!

Who knew wearing a cute apron while cookin' could make you feel so good! :)

And speaking of cooking... another thing that makes me happy is
......Babes who eat their dinner!

Eatin' it, lovin' it, and makin' a mess... I'll take it!

Why is it that children love anything with noodles?! Spaghetti is a big hit around our house... well like I said, anything with noodles is a big hit around our house! - But both babes have been eating raw, fresh, cucumbers from Grandpa Loren's garden, so that is a plus!

Side Note: If you want to jazz up your spaghetti and make it a little creamier... add 4 tablespoons (half a block) of cream cheese! So delicious and so creamy! It's a mix between white and red sauce... you know, for those days when you can't make up your mind! Or one babe wants white sauce but I know the other prefers red!

Oh... and turn up your volume!!! I added some fun new music to my play list below! We have been feeling the old classics and swing style tunes at our house lately! Greta and Tuck love them! They particularly like to grab an ice cream cone and have a dance "party" in our living room. I guess that makes sense... ice cream, tunes, and dancing... that is quite the party! lol

This style of music definitely makes me happy.

Hope you all are having a great Tuesday!

Chat later,

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