Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday Night: Game Night!

Note: Be aware of picture overload! You may want to get comfy for this post.

So this past Saturday we had a bunch of friends over for our favorite type of get together.... GAME NIGHT!
You see Game Night started back in 2006 right after Loren and I got married. We lived in a tiny 800 sf. 2 bedroom apartment... however I never let that stop me from entertaining! We only had a couple game nights there before I got pregnant with Greta, then we bought our first house and had to say goodbye to our tiny, but wonderful, little apartment.

Entertaining has always been a love of mine as is spending time with friends... oh, and a little healthy competition! And that is pretty much how game night got it's start.

For a little fun, I took a quick trip down memory lane and grabbed some photo's of my favorite game nights! ................

Cinco De Mayo Game Night! Margarita's and Pictionary!
Murder Mystery Game Night!
Seriously, thee most fun.... EVER!

Halloween Game Night! Famous Couples and a Scavenger Hunt!

OH man, those were some good times! Hahaha.

Game Nights have definitely slowed down since we all had babies and for awhile there they almost came to a stop when I took on a part time job on the weekends!
But... we always manage to have some style of game night/get together for birthday's and this last weekend was true to Game Night style! .... no birthday... just some friends getting together to chat, eat some good food, chase their screaming kids around or find out who hit who first?! and actually get down to business and PLAY SOME GAMES!

In the past we have played catch phrase, pictionary, or my favorite... Mafia! Most of the time we have a theme, sometimes their are costumes involved, sometimes there are not! lol - But this time we decided to do Game Night: Minute To Win It style!

Ever watched that show? Minute To Win It?

You have 60 seconds to complete a challenge. After completion you move on to the next round. If you complete all 10 challenges you win a million dollars!
Well, there was no million to win at our Game Night... just this sweet trophy was up for grabs!

The challenges ranged from stacking cups to knocking over water bottles to getting a cookie to roll down your face with out dropping it on the floor! All the games were designed to be played with just standard ole' household items!
If you'd like a list and directions of all the fun games so you can have a Minute To Win It game night... check out this link here.

And with out further ado... I'll show you just how much fun we had and let the pictures do the talkin'.....
Elephant March: 60 seconds to knock down all 8 water bottles while wearing a pair of panty hose on your head with a baseball in them!
Cookie Face: Start with an oreo on your forehead and try to get it in your mouth just by wiggling your face. 60 seconds.... NO hands!
Check out Nick's face! Haha... that's some serious business!

This pic of Branden takes the "Picture of the Night" award! - He's so photogenic, isn't he?!
How's It Hangin'?: With a banana tied around your waist and 60 seconds on the clock, try to get 2 oranges in the hula hoop.
Movin' On Up: Player must hold a stack of blue cups with 1 red cup at the bottom and try to filter the red cup up the stack and back down to the bottom in 60 seconds!

Nose Dive: 60 seconds to get 5 cotton balls from one bowl to the other using only your nose and some vaseline!

Tied for first but taking home the trophy was none other than the highly competitive and pregnant, Jes!!! Way to show em' Sis!
Well as you can see... we had a blast!

Thanks to everyone who came, brought food to share, put on their game face, and had some fun! - Game Nights wouldn't be possible without our wonderful and super fun bunch of friends!

Love you guys!

Chat later,



  1. LOVE Landon's face in the cookie pics! Great Pics and Great Night! Nick wanted to keep playing =-)

  2. Ahh yes, sweet little Landon! If you look he was doing so good trying to play just like Daddy!


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