Sunday, October 23, 2011

Look Who Has An Interest In The Potty....

.... this boy!

He has went potty on the potty before... so this is not the first time... but he is talking about it more!

He is only two and a half and since I know boys take longer we have not rushed anything.
We have talked about it, explained how the potty works, but that's about it!
If you remember when we potty trained Greta, I learned the valuable lesson of not pushing someone when they are not ready!

So, we have let Tuck just take his time... and time is what he is taking! - and that is perfectly fine!

But recently he has been talking about the potty more and wanting to sit on it more often.
In my opinion... all steps that are important when feeling out a new change!
A change that I hope will gradually start to come over the next 6 months as he finds his way to 3 years old!

Good news is...
Tuck, like any other man, has mastered the art of finding somethin' to read while you're on the pot...

...Nothin' makes you relax and go potty more then the recent subscription of Field & Stream!

Funny how they grow and change so fast!
The little baby that was so frail and couldn't even be held when he was born is now chillin' on the potty reading Field & Stream and talking about goin' huntin' with his Daddy.

Moments like these make me proud to be a Mom!
Moments like these make me realize that I'm doin' it!
I'm surviving parenthood!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!
My favorite day of the week!

Chat later,


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