Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's The Little Things... Mommy Edition!

Last night Loren had to run to Menards to grab some lumber for a couple upcoming Appleberry's Attic projects!
Even though he had had a long week of work filled with a ton of over time... he decided to take both babes with him and give me some Mommy time!

Beautiful, sweet......peace and quiet!

Whenever I get these little nuggets of time I never know what to do first!
All I know is that I feel like a kid in a candy store and my first reaction is to scream and giggle with excitement! ... my second reaction is to RUN!

If you are a Mom, you know just the feeling!
You never know how much time you will truly have and you want to make the absolute most of it... so naturally running would be one of your first instincts.

And running is what I did!

I quickly cleaned up all the dinner mess.
Threw the dishes in any sort of mis matched way into the dishwasher...
and hit the shower!

Yeah that's right... this Momma took a long, hot, 20 minute shower!
I'm talkin' washed my hair, shaved my legs, scrubbed up with body wash and a loofah, kind of hot shower!
It was A.MAZING!

After my hot shower I threw on the classic sweatpants, tank top, and my husbands hoodie! lol

They weren't home yet!
I still had a couple minutes of free time!

So, I put a cup of coffee on the brew and treated myself to a facial mask!

My Mommy time was so wonderful I'm not even bashful or ashamed to post a picture of me in all my glory...

That is the face of one refreshed Mommy! lol

After hearing of my time alone a friend made the comment
"It's the little things, right?!"

And isn' that the truth?!

It's the little things that you appreciate the most.
It's the little things that can truly change your mood and your night!
It's the little things that Loren does to help me out that let's me know how much I am loved!
Life is definitely about the little things.

Loren, if you're ever reading this...
Thanks so much for that one Friday night that you took the babes to Menards!
The shower that I took that night was probably the best shower I had all month! lol
Love you!

Hope you Mom's get to experience those little joys from time to time!
They are so needed!

Can I get an Amen?!

Have a great weekend!
Chat later,


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