Friday, October 28, 2011

Five Glorious Years!

Today marks 5 years since I walked down the aisle and said "I Do" to my best friend!

It's the same feeling every year... "I can't believe how fast time flies!"
In one sense I feel as if my wedding was just a couple months ago!

I remember every detail very vividly.... waking up that morning, my gorgeous flowers, my stunning cake, my Dad running around like bridezilla making sure everything was perfectly stress free for me, the music, my vows, our friends playing "Digital, Digital Get Down!", and just the over all sense of feeling loved!

Honestly, there's nothing like a wedding!

But, as important as a wedding is... all the planning and preparing that goes into it... it's nothing like what comes after.

I remember laying awake from pure excitement just thinking about and counting down the days to our wedding!
If only I would have known how great marriage was going to be... that's what I would have been counting down for!
Being married to Loren is like a dream come true!
He gets me!
He always has my back and he's always in my corner!

Wanna know a secret?
Kids if you are reading this or any other single person out there...
Marry your best friend!

Isn't everything better with your best friend?
Isn't going to the movies, eating dinner, waking up, and living life with your best friend just better?
Trust me, it is!

Loren is hands down, my best friend.
He has been for awhile.
And because I am not just his wife, but his best friend as well... I always want the best for Loren... and that's the truth!
And if I had to take a stab at it... that's what I think makes us work!

I couldn't imagine my life with out him.
And even though life isn't easy, even though becoming parents together wasn't easy...
there is definitely no other person I would rather spend my life with then my perfectly loving, southern boy.

I've said it before and I will say it again...
I am the lucky one that got to marry Loren!


For old time's sake... I was looking back at some writing of mine.
And even though I didn't have a blog back then I did document our 1st Anniversary,
and here's what I wrote...

Our 1 Year Anniversary!!!
As of today... 10.28.07.... Loren and I have been married for one whole year! I can hardly believe it! I know it is such a cliché' to say... but I really do feel like it was JUST yesterday that Loren and I were saying "I DO."

I would not say this first year of marriage has been difficult.... because it has definitely been great... but I will say that our first year of marriage was full of lots and lots of change! As you all know... not long after we were married we found out I was pregnant, bought our first home together, and then added a dog to our lives! So needless to say, I am glad Loren and I had known each other and spent so much quality time together before our big day! I guess we move pretty quickly, huh?!

But either way.... change or no change.... this last year has truly been the best year of my life!!! I always knew I wanted to get married, I just never knew how fulfilled it could make your life. Always having that unconditional love on your side makes life worth living! You always have someone to go out to dinner with, you never have to call and make plans with them in advance, you get a permanent cuddle buddy, they are always there to wipe your tears of frustration or sadness, and most importantly... that person is there to share and help carry all the emotions and events of your day to day life!

I can be honest and say... I know I am no cake walk to handle! I am a girl filled with emotions and stress! lol But through this last year I have found that Loren is more than a perfect match for me... he is my soul mate! The ONE and ONLY person I was meant to find and share my life with!

So as I look back to one year ago on the vows I wrote and said in front of so many of you... I can honestly say... "Time flies when you're having fun!!!"

My vows...
To My Soon To Be Husband:
"Well… It's been a bumpy road! But no one ever said relationships were easy. And I found out recently that loving someone is a choice, a choice that as of today, I am ready to make. So I know you may have heard some of this before… but today more than ever it is true, it is from my heart, and it is very very real.

…You are my soon to be husband, Can you believe it? We're actually getting married! In just a few minutes I will be your wife and you will be my husband. No longer will we be two separate people, two separate souls, with two separate goals and purposes in life, but now, we will be one.
Ever since I was little I would dream and try to picture the man I would stand before on my wedding day, the man that would hold my hand as I brought my first child into the world, the man I would dance my every dance with, and kiss my every kiss, the man that would fill the "Missouri shaped whole" in my heart. And not long ago I realized the man I spent all that time dreaming of, was you!

You are so kind, thoughtful, funny, generous and loving. You live every day to its fullest and you know how to make life fun! – sometimes too fun! Every moment I spend with you makes me feel like I have a purpose.

I promise I will keep our love honest, our friendship a priority, and our home full of laughter. I will stand behind you in your goals and support you through your fears. And when you feel like you have failed and can't get back on your feet, I will be there to help lift you up with unconditional love. For the rest of my life I will strive to not only be the wife you need, but the wife you deserve.

I just wanted to let you know how happy you make me. Everything I've ever wanted I have found in you. I am sooo in love with you!"

Those words, feelings, and promises have not changed a bit!

If you're reading this...
You are amazing and I absolutely love the life we have made together!
Thank you for all that you have given me.
I only hope that our children can be as fortunate in love and marriage as we are.
Because of you....
I am truly blessed!

Here's to plenty more healthy, happy, and blessed Anniversaries.



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