Saturday, October 15, 2011

Apple Orchard

My, my, my!
I always start off with posts like this where I haven't blogged in awhile with "I'll never do that again, or life is just soooo busy, or so on and so forth... and honestly all of them are true! And whether I like it or not, all of those excuses or reasons will be used again when it comes to why I neglect the blog from time to time!

But, like I stated earlier... life is busy!
Fall is upon us and with that comes tons of fall events and fun things to do! Throw in some crafting to fill up our stores, starting our new Appleberry's Attic Facebook Page!!!, a 10 year High School Reunion, and you've got one busy gal with a busy family schedule!

I was sad to see that I haven't even posted in the month of October yet! Shame!
This is my FAVORITE month and my favorite time of year!
And I thought, what better way to start off my October posts then with our trip to the Apple Orchard!

This year we went to a pick your own apple orchard and boy was it worth it!
In my opinion they are so much more fun then the ones where you just dig in a big pile and buy your apples that way! Don't get me wrong, the fun commercial aspect of it all like hayrides, petting zoo's, etc. are fun... but there is something about going out as a family and picking 40 lbs. of apples that makes for a great day!!!

The babes started out excited, but unsure of what to do.
But once we taught them how to find and pick the good ones, they were all on board!
Tuck loved going for the ones on the floor cause that was really the only one's he could reach, but my Greta... she sure was quite the apple picker that day!
Anything on that lowest branch was prime for the pickin' and boy did she do a great job!

So big and such a proud helper that day!

Along with the apple picking we got in a hayride, a corn maze, a snack, and some wonderful time with the animals! Mine and Tuck's favorite time was the time we got to spend feeding and petting Leonard the cow.
I think Leonard took a real liking to me!
I almost put him in the truck and headed home with him he was so cute!

After our long day of havin' fun and pickin' apples, I'd say all our hard work paid off!
We had a ton of gorgeous apples to eat and bake with!

And that's exactly what we did!
That evening, as a family we set out to make and can a batch of homemade Apple Sauce....

And homemade Apple Butter.....

And let me tell you, both were great!
We will be enjoying them all winter long!
And we still had plenty leftover for me to bake with!

Well, I hope you all are having a nice Fall and enjoying one of the best time's of year!
Me and my fam have been enjoying lots of outside walks and last minute trips to the park before it gets too cold!

Can't wait to fill you guys in on more that we've been doing and get back to blogging.
Oh how I miss it when I am away!

Well, chat later...


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