Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's The Little Things

There's no denying it.... I am a city girl married to a country boy! Granted he does live in Minnesota now, he has lost the better part of his accent, and he sure knows how to look good when he dresses up....

But underneath all of that, he's still just a hick!

A southern boy who grew up in Missouri workin' on farms and partyin' in fields! A boy that grew up drinkin' iced tea, buckin' bails of hay, and saying "yes mam" and "no sir." - for the most part, he's a real southern gentleman!

He is always so calm and kind hearted. And this morning just proved again why I am the lucky one that got to marry HIM.

Yesterday while I was at work eating my lunch, my boss... which happens to be my grandpa, asked if I wasted my money buying that turkey wrap I was eating?! I said, no. "I didn't buy this... Loren made it for me this morning when he packed my lunch!" To which Gramps replied, "Oh la la, I didn't know Loren could make such fancy wraps. And he even packs your lunch?"

Well this morning when I got out of the shower my sweet little southern boy had packed my lunch again and made me another turkey wrap. But this time there wasn't just one wrap in my lunch bag, there were two. Loren had packed one for me and one for grandpa.
Just one of the many little things my Loren does that makes him so well liked and just plain ole' wonderful!

Not to mention he is an insanely hard worker and is up for just about any project I ask him to tackle.
He is all about the "6 second kiss" our pastor talked about one Sunday back. And he never leaves the house without given me a smooch!
He talks me down when I am worked up and he lets me know that he is proud of me and that I am loved.
And then he does things like tidy up the house last night and whips out 2 loads of laundry while I am at work.... all so I don't have to.

It's no secret that I am blessed to be this country boy's wife.

He sure makes it easy to say yes to midnight cat fishin' trips with my cousin's hubby, Nick.

Guess you gotta let a country boy do what a country boy's gotta do!

Honey, if you're reading this.... this post is for you! I love your stinkin' guts!!!!

Here's to being totally smitten with your spouse! - Now if you're reading this.... go give them that big ole' 6 second smooch I mentioned!

Chat later,
Are you just like me and can't get enough of Loren?! Haha!
Well if that's true... check out other posts about my honey, here, and here.


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Even got a few tears in my eyes =-) Loren is a great guy, your a lucky girl and he's just as luck of a guy to have you!!

  2. If you keep gushin' like that the boy's gonna lose his MAN card! I may hafta takem' out shootin' just to "mean him up" a bit. You're right tho' - he is a keeper (more that I can say for that scrawny catfish!

    Love you guys!

  3. Haha! Oh Al, you always make me laugh! I know, I can't do lovey dovey posts about him too often... I don't want people to think he is a girl!
    He would love to go shootin' with you! Give us a couple days notice and he would sooo be there! - I have always said I feel like part of the Tague family and so Loren thinks he should be able to get an "in" with you and the boys. Like your four son in laws - Brent, Jonathan, Andy, AND Loren! lol


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