Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Sweet Spot!

Our dog Walter... he is a snuggler!

He loves to burrow, he loves to sit on laps, he loves to stick his cold nose on your warm hand, he loves layers and layers of blankets, and he sure loooves warm clothes fresh out of the dryer!

It's almost as if he comes on command like we have trained him since he was a pup.
.... because as soon as he hears the dryer open... he trots on in to see what kind of warm clothes you have for him today.

And every time I see his sweet little self stroll on in, I drop a couple garments of clothes or a towel on the rug in front of the dryer... almost as if to say.... "ok, ok, here you go Walter."

As soon as his nose hits the warm cloth he spins himself around a couple times to "fluff" the clothes making sure he has the perfect spot to snuggle in to!

And with that....
he has found the sweet spot!

I sure do love that boy
and I love our little laundry ritual.

How about you guys?
Do any of your pets have little silly things that they just have to do?!

Hope you all are havin' a great Thursday!
Tonight me and the fam are off to watch my little bro Jake play in his first VARSITY Football Game!
Woo hoo!

Chat later,


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