Monday, September 12, 2011

Loren's Surprise Party!!!

*Beware of a lengthy & picture filled post*
- but it is posts like these that make me so glad I have a blog to document some of life's greatest moments! -

Oh my goodness! It has been 11 days since I posted last! .... just about 2 weeks! Wow!

Well in my defense, you wanna know what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks? (well actually 3 months!)... I have been planning a Surprise Birthday Party for Mr. Appleberry!

That's right... in just a few short days my honey will be turning THIRTY!

It was about 3 months ago that I started dreaming up plans and ideas to make Loren's thirtieth as special as he is!
And like my Momma has always said.... "every body's gotta have at least one surprise party in their life!"
... and I couldn't agree more!

So 3 months ago the planning began.

Setting the date, picking the place, planning the menu.
Then shortly after that, buying the food and decorations in stages and hiding them at my mom and sisters. Getting invites and sending them out.

Then of course there were the lies!

Oh how many, many, lies I have told!
That was hands down the hardest part of planning a surprise party this large!
Everything that came out of my mouth had to be well thought out and planned. I had to have my brain and mouth in constant sync and make sure everything was filtered before it was said.

Boy am I glad that is over!

Then as the time passed it all came down to last Saturday, September 10th...

I left the house that morning at 8:30 to go to "work" as Loren thought... when in all reality I went over to my Mom's and spent the whole day over there cooking, decorating, and setting up!
When it was time for me to "leave work" I left Mom's and went home to pick up Loren.
See, he thought that I was taking him out for dinner that night on a birthday date and Momma was watchin' the kids.

As I got home he was shaving and getting ready for our "dinner date."
Shortly after getting home we were freshened up, dressed up, and ready to bring the babes to Mom's so she could babysit.

Meanwhile there were about 60 - 70 friends and family at Mom's getting set up and into position!

Even Loren's family from Missouri made the 9 hour drive for this day!
As we came down the street the text was sent and everyone was alerted that we were here!
We pulled up into the driveway and my Dad was in the garage to let us know Mom was down back.

We got the babes and headed down to the backyard...
and as Loren walked through the gate...


 Loren was literally stopped dead in his tracks as everyone he knows and loves screamed "Surprise!"
"Happy Birthday!" balloons for every single person floated up and filled the sky!
Everyone rushed to hug and greet the Birthday Boy!
Here he is swoopin' up his Missouri nieces...

Mom, Dad, Sister and Nieces!
The whole Missouri clan!

And the best part is... my babes were just as surprised to see all of them as Loren was!
I was the only one who got to know they were coming!
Usually 2 and 3 year olds are not the best at keeping secrets so they were kept in the dark and just as excited as Daddy was!

And not only did Loren's family come... but one of his best friends Nate, from Missouri, made the drive as well...

Here is me with my Birthday Boy and his "Mona Pie!"
A special cake made and delivered from the great state of Missouri!
- thanks Mona! :)

And before we knew it... the party was started and in full swing!

Everyone got to dine on Loren's favorite food...
We had a full service Nacho/Taco bar!
And who knew the weather would be so nice?!
So tons of parents and little kids were swimming in no time!

And definitely the main attraction of the night
(besides Loren! haha)
Was the Photo Station!!!

I wanted to have a fun and creative way to get pictures of everybody in attendance so Loren could look back and smile about the days memories!

Everyone was supposed to pick a prop and strike a pose...

... and boy did they!

So with out further a do, here are some great shots from that nights
Appleberry Photo Station!!!

The chalkboard on this next photo should have read...
"You can never have too many husbands!"
- my Mom with my Dad and Step Dad... lovely! lol

Oh my gosh!
That Photo Station was SO MUCH FUN!

Actually, the whole day was so much fun!
Loren and I are so blessed to be surrounded by some of thee best friends and family!

To all of you that came to celebrate 30 years of Loren...
Thank You!!!
It is relationships like yours that make birthday's like this even more memorable!

And to Loren...
Gotch' ya'!
Don't ever under estimate the power of your determined, creative, and loving wife!
Most likely, I will always be two steps ahead of you! ;)

I hope you all had an amazing time at Loren's party!
And thanks for being such great little secret keepers!

Who knows... maybe we'll be doin' another one of these in 30 years!!!
Shhhhhh! lol

Have a great, great, day everybody!


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