Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Signs and Pumpkins!

It looks as though colder weather and shorter nights are here.
Do I dare say Fall is upon us?!

Well, if you follow me on Facebook then you might have remembered me saying I was workin' on some Fall crafts.
After Loren's surprise party and Jay's passing I was kind of on a craft hiatus! - just feeling crazy busy and then just down right to sad to tap into any kind of creativity.
But, I think I'm back!

I had a custom order sign for a wedding to fill... so whether I was too busy or too sad was not an option... I was forced to pick up a paint brush again.
And boy am I glad I did!
Once I started painting the wonderful feeling of all things Fall just crept right in.

Here is a peek into the box of goodies I am delivering to
The Front Room tomorrow morning...

 ...The big chunky "Apples" shelf sitter is perfectly rustic!

 ... some more shelf sitter signs and I couldn't help but throw in a "Trick or Treat" sign!

These stuffed pumpkins are too cute and really do make a great gift for someone... or yourself!

And if the stuffed pumpkins aren't your thing, I love these wooden cut out pumpkins!

Well, what do you?!
See anything you like?
Are you feeling all "Fall-ish" yet!

After all the Fall inspired crafts I'm thinkin' I need to get out my Fall decor.
But for now... it's 1:00 in the morning and I'm thinkin' I need to get to bed!

Good Night.
Chat later,


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