Tuesday, September 13, 2011

State Fair & End of Summer Catch Up!

Yesterday I was able to share and document the awesome-ness that was Loren's Surprise Party... but I had made mention that I was pretty much off the radar for just about 2 weeks!

What was I doing during those 2 weeks you ask?

Well besides wrapping up the details for the surprise party I was pretty much enjoying the last little bit of summer we have left!
Loren and I made our annual trip to the Minnesota State Fair with the babes!
It is usually the last little "hoorah" before summer comes to an end.

The babes are at a pretty decent age to enjoy all that the fair has to offer...
... like the little farm hands farm...

And the fair is always good for silly novelty things like these Gander Mountain fish hats!

And home to just about anything you can think of on a stick! 
Like this giant gummy bear! 

The babes loved them!

... and the Sweet Martha's Chocolate Chip Cookies!
We were definitely on a little sugar high that day! - but the fair only comes once a year and some times you just gotta splurge!

And you can't go to the State Fair with out taking a ride on the Carousel.
I just love this pic of these 3! - well besides Tuck's strange face I guess!

Speaking of food on a stick... Loren and my bro in law Branden wanted to try chocolate covered jalapenos on a stick!

Needless to say... they were ungodly hot... and it wasn't a great idea! lol

Let's see... so besides the State Fair what else were we doing?!

Oh that's right... we finished a bunch of custom furniture pieces and delivered them!
Like this book shelf and 2 benches for a church...

 ... and this gorgeous dining room table and bench for our best friends, the Kell family!

All of that pretty much brought us up to Loren's party!
After his party was over we got to spend some quick, but much needed time with the Appleberry's...

My babes can never get enough fun and silly play time with their cousins!
They were sad to see them go so soon!

And that's about it folks!
We are caught up to speed and have really had such a great summer!
I can't believe it is just about over and Fall is merely days away.

If it wasn't for the beautiful Fall weather and colors or the fun activities and holidays coming up... I just might cry. But we have some great things coming in this next season... so I am thankful for our wonderful summer and excited for what is to come.

Hope you all are having a great week and getting ready for the cooler weather!

Chat later,


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