Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wonderful Week/Weekend Update!

So, last time we spoke was a whole week ago... and boy did a lot happen in this last week!

I made mention that my best friend Adriann had a baby and that I was so excited to run up to the hospital and meet her before we left for Missouri!

Well, that happened... and here she is....

Meet Ms. Juliette Irene Kell...

Isn't she cute?!?!

The people that know me, know that I have known Adriann over HALF my life!
Can you believe that?!
We met in the 4th grade and are still best friends to this day!
I am so excited for this new addition to her family and think of her friendship as one of my most cherished possessions!

Congratulations Adriann, Jonathan, and Jojo on the new little addition into your family!
We have already fallen in love with her!

Well, right after that hospital visit, I ran home to finish packing and start loading the truck!
That next day we were off to Missouri!

The trip was going well until about an hour and a half into the trip...
we broke down!

Something happened with a pulley and a couple different belts.
So after being stuck on the side of road and having to get towed to the nearest auto shop...
we spent 3 hours and $400 before we were back on the road!

See that face?!
That was the face of a Momma who was exhausted, frazzled, stressed, and wanting the trip to be over!

But we pushed on... and finished our ridiculously long drive and drove into Butler, MO at 1 in the morning.

I'm glad we didn't let the break down keep us from going because our time in Missouri is always fun.
The babes love spending time with their cousins and I love that Tuck hangs on his Grandpa instead of me!
A win win really. :)

 It really was a great weekend with lots of fun, family, and new friends...

... like Tuck and Mr. Brody Smith.

After our long drive home we got back just in time to celebrate the 4th of July having a pool day at Grandma's house...

Followed by some rides up at Sand Creek Park...

And fireworks with some family...

Which this girl was scared of...

... but this girl LOVED!

She was laughing, yelling, screaming, and kicking with excitement the whole time! 

All in all... another good and successful trip to Missouri and another wonderful weekend spent with family, friends, and warm summer weather!

Too bad I am suffering from a sun burn that almost has me in tears every time I move!

Hope you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July as well!

Chat later,


Remember this post from last years 4th of July?!
Oh Greta! lol

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