Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things I Know For Sure...

Oprah has always done a column in her magazine called
"Things I know For Sure."
It is a question, or statement really, that she asks herself each month and lays out her answers.

I thought it was a fantastic idea!
Life is such a crazy, beautiful journey with a million things to learn and discover along the way.
I wanted to make sure I asked myself... "what are the things I know for sure?!"

So, here is a small list of some of things I know for sure.

I know...

1. Life is too short.

2. Marrying your best friend will ensure a successful and happy marriage.

3. Being apart of a church and attending every Sunday is like giving your soul a drink of water.
It's that refreshing.

4. When Greta sings I stop to listen every time.

5. Past hurts can affect you, but they should never determine who you become.

6. Raising healthy, happy, and emotionally stable children is the hardest thing I have ever done.

7. Love God, love others. - the two go hand in hand.

8. My son, Tuck, holds a very special piece of my heart.

9. Big families are just plain ole' fun to be apart of.

10. One day... I will have another baby. - whether it happens to be twins? well, that's just up to God.

What are some of the things YOU know for sure?
You may not have a blog to jot down your answers but you can start a journal or even a box of letters, lists, and memories!

That has been my goal with this blog from the get go.
So if you don't have a blog or a journal or a place to hold your thoughts.... get one!
One day your children will read it, enjoy it, and learn who you were as a person.
One day... they will thank you and hopefully do it for their children.

Hope you're havin' a great week.
The weekend's almost here!

Chat later,


Wanna know what Oprah said?
Here is The Top 20 Things Oprah Knows For Sure.
I found it quite inspiring.

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