Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Important Mommy Conversation... #1...

As a parent you know that there are going to be conversations you have to have with your children that you are just not sure how to handle or how to answer.
That is part of life, part of being a parent, and hopefully if you choose the right answer... part of molding and shaping an emotionally healthy child.

Well, this morning I had my first ever "grown up" conversation with Ms. Greta.

She was going through the list of things she knows to be true....
"Grandma Debby is Daddy's Mommy!" To which I replied, yes.
"Grandpa Loren is Daddy's Daddy." I replied yes.
"Grandma Janel is your Mommy!" And again, I replied yes.

Then she stopped and paused.

I thought she might have forgot who my Daddy was, so I innocently asked...
"And who is Mommy's Daddy?" To which Greta sat quiet and unsure again.
Then she said... "Papa Wayne is your Daddy!" I replied yes, but then said I was lucky enough to have two Daddy's!
"Who is Mommy's other Daddy?" I asked.
To which Greta replied "Grandpa Terry!"

Then... the million dollar question came out...

"Why do you have two Daddy's, Mommy???"

Here I was, a Wednesday morning, in the truck, on Hanson Blvd. headed to Grandma Janel's house when I was asked a very important question... and I hadn't ever thought to come up with my answer.

Having two Dad's can sometimes be a sore topic for me.
Sometimes two Dad's can be a bad thing but sometimes it can be a good thing!
So struggling with it myself at times you can see how I wasn't prepared to answer such an important question!
And you know me, certain things hold a lot of weight... and this was one of them.
I had one shot to give my answer... granted as she gets older I am sure I will be able to explain and rationalize with her better... but for now... my little Greta wanted to know.

So, here is what I said...

"Well, when Grandma Janel was younger she was married to Grandpa Terry!"
"She also had a baby in her belly and that was me!" "So that makes Grandpa Terry my Daddy."
"But one day Grandpa Terry decided to change and him and Grandma Janel couldn't be married anymore."
"So later Grandma Janel found Papa Wayne and he asked if he could marry her."
"She said yes, so they got married and Papa Wayne became my new Daddy."

"That's why I have two Daddy's!"

After a moment of silence Greta laughed and said...
"Momma you're silly!"

Haha, I don't know if she understood that explanation or if she understood it just fine but because it was different then what we have shown or taught her she thought I was crazy... or "silly!"

Either way, I made it short and sweet.
I think I dumbed down a very honest answer to where she now knows why I have two Daddy's but I also wonder if my explanation answered her question but quite possibly could have created more questions!

We shall see.
I know she is quite smart for her age and I am sure her little 3 year old brain soaked in everything I said and here in a couple days she will either have more questions or blurt out something related to this!
That's just how kids work, I think! :)

Well, one question down... I'm sure a million more to go!

How about any of you parents... had to answer any strange but brutally honest questions from your kids?!

I'm sure "the birds and the bees" question or "why boys like boys" are gonna be a doozy!
I should start mentally preparing my answers now! LOL

Hope you all are havin' a good week!

Chat later,


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