Monday, July 18, 2011

Silhouette Craft Project!

I haven't posted something crafty that you all could do for a long, long time!

When I saw this idea I just knew I wanted to make a set of these gorgeous silhouette frames for myself!

Look at how adorable they turned out!

Wanna make one or two or four of your family?

Here's a quick step by step of how to do that!

First, find some old frames layin' around your house or take a quick trip to the Goodwill.
I had these 2 lovely pieces of art tucked away in my stash for future projects! lol
I liked the fact that they were oval....

Take the back off...
(not a bad price huh?!)

Then grab a can of black spray paint... or whatever color you'd like... and spray your frames!

Walk away from your frames so they can dry.
While you are waiting, lets get started on the actual silhouette.

Start off my finding (or taking if you have to) a nice side shot of your child's profile.
Upload it to your computer and print it off.
Once you have printed it trace around their silhouette, adding or touching up little spots of hair, etc. and then cut it out...

I found that for a little girl a picture of her in a ponytail worked best for tracing and making sure you could tell it was a girl....

Once you have your picture cut out, lay it on a piece of black construction paper, trace it, and cut it out as well...
(NOTE: I knew I wanted my children's silhouette's facing different directions but their original pictures were facing the same way. So all I did was merely flip Greta's around before I traced it.)

Here they are!
All cut out in true silhouette form...

Once they are cut out and your silhouette is ready decide what kind of matting or background you want for your piece of art.
I didn't have any scrapbook paper that was really grabbin' me, so I opted for tearing a couple pages out of an old book.
So, glue your matting down to the original piece of lovely art work that was already in your frame.
Then add a dab of glue and glue your silhouette right on top of it!
I added a little piece of paper with each child's name and birth date...

I just wrote mine on plain computer paper then added some black lines and dots to make it look more like a tag...

Once everything is glued down just put your frame and glass back together and your done!

Then just stand back and look at how stunning your little project turned out!

I am so in love with these little frames!
They look so adorable and high end like I paid someone to do them! Ha!

Loren and I have been tossing around the idea of a possible Master Bedroom Redo.... you know, paint, color change, the whole sha-bang... and I think that may be a project we tackle soon!
With that being said... these adorable silhouettes will soon find their permanent home on my bedroom wall.
And now that I have them done... it actually lit a little fire for the room redo!

We shall see!
But for now I am loving these silhouettes!
I love that it is a very nostalgic way to capture a moment and freeze their little faces in time.

Now, what do you girls think?!
Is this something you think you could tackle?
(it wasn't that hard and didn't take too long either!)

IF you do... please share!
I'd love to see some of your finished projects!

Hope you all had a nice and relaxing weekend!
I know I did.

Happy Monday,


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