Saturday, October 17, 2009

Recent Discoveries

1. I love this lady and saw that she does something like this on her blog. So I kinda copied her and decided I would like to give this "Recent Discoveries" idea a try!
(I do like to give credit where credit is due.)
It is a great generic title for any post that involves random but important things... and it is great for keeping people updated! So you can look forward to more posts titled this way. One day I'll look back and have a whole pile of posts labeled "Recent Discoveries" with all the wonderful randomness of our lives!
2. My daughter is a genius! No, seriously! She is not even two years old and she can Count to Ten! Now of course she needs to be prompted a little and for some reason she gets stuck on the number 8... but none the less... Greta can count! "One, Tooo, Teee, Fo." - It is so cute.
3. I can't believe I am actually gonna post this live on the web... but yes it is true...
Recent Discovery #3... my husband is actually quite wise!
Does he remember his cell phone when he leaves the house... NO!
Does he always say the right things... NO!
Does he remember all measly four items on a list... NO!
Does he even remember the list... NO!!!
However I am seeing a change in him that is so wonderful and honestly, very admiring. Ever since we got really involved and connected with our church, Eagle Brook... I have seen small changes in Loren. He really listens to a problem and tries to handle it diplomatically, he holds his tongue before making a rude or hurtful comment, he loves me and calms me down with out making me feel completely foolish (although I can be), he just really looks out for the good of others... and tries to see things through the Lord's eyes.
After knowing I had an extremely tiring and frustrating day with the kids yesterday... Loren walked in the door, came straight to me, wrapped me in a hug, and said....
"Someday you won't remember today."
And for some reason, it just really touched me. I can't tell you how much I admire and look up to my husband. I can only hope our kids turn out a lot like their Daddy.

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  1. Love the "Recent Discoveries" idea. I'm always looking for a good title for those posts that are just odd bits & pieces of things. Thanks!


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