Friday, July 31, 2009

~ Twins And A Play Date ~

Today me and my gang got the privelage of hanging out with our friends Liz and Evie!
You see, Liz normally works M-F but since she had the day off she decided to come over so we could get the girls together for a long over due play date.

Well when Liz and Evie walked in the door you would never guess what happened....
Evelyn and Greta were wearing the exact same shirt!!!

Besides the khaki shorts they looked just like twins! From the light hair, to the pony, to the shirt. They just looked like 2 little peas in a pod!

It was great having them together! And they played so nicely! Since they are so close in age I think they just understood eachothers language and play style. They shared and played together very nicely. Of course there was alot of Nuk and sippy cup sharing as well! :) Gotta love germs!

Thanks for a great play date Liz and Evelyn. Greta was standing at the door waving bye long after you had left! I think she realized she was left with just her boring baby brother and she missed her friend! Haha.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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