Monday, July 13, 2009

~ First Time For Everything ~

So.... as you can see... I decided to start a Blog! Yay for me! And since you'll be reading it... Yay for you!

I got the itch while we were on the way home from our last Missouri trip. As we drove away, my in-laws standing in the driveway teary eyed and waving, I was sad for them. I started to realize all the little things they were going to miss before we saw them next. I decided keeping a blog about our life and the kids would definately help keep them in the loop!

However... you know my babies are not my one and only passion!

I love to write, I love a good home cooked meal, I love to decorate my house making it as comfy and cozy as possible, I love God and the growing relationship I have with Him, I LOVE crafting and doing projects, I love to entertain and cram as many friends and family into our house as possible, I love loving my husband, and I love life and the crazy journey it takes us on!

With all that said... I thought it was a perfect time to start a blog and share all these wonderful things with you as well!

So you might be wondering...
"What can I come to expect from your blog, Jen?"
Well, I'm glad you asked! Let me tell you! ....

- Stories about my kids and life as a Mom. : Giving and sharing tips and advice.
- Recipes for a yummy dinner I made or a delicious treat I think you should try.
- Tutorials or How To's on great craft projects.
- Question & Answer segments.... That's right, I may want your advice from time to time!
- Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! : Thats really the only way to give you a sneak peak into our lives, isn't it?!
- And really just the randomness of life and the things that make me happy!!!

More than anything, my hope for this blog is that you will follow and enjoy all I have to say and ramble on about! So... with out further a due... let me be the first to welcome you to....... Appleberry's Attic!!!

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I'm so very excited you started one! You'll be a great blogger! i already feel in love with it.




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