Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Crafting with CANS! ~

If your house is anything like our house... you probably have some cans laying around! It seems like we are constantly going through cans from fruit, tomato sauce, and formula.
Oh wait did I say formula?! Yeah, we go through about 2 cans a week!

One day (after being inspired out in blogland) I decided to start saving our cans! - Strange, I know. I had seen tons of gals making some treasures out of their trash and I thought... "with all these stinkin' cans in my house I've got to be able to find something I could do with them. And so I did!

I ended up making TWO different versions of easy, cute, crafts using CANS!

Here is #1 -

My FIRST project started with this can...
I should mention, this is not your standard size soup can. It is bigger, the next size up I think.

Clean out the can with soap and water and take off the label. (be careful to keep the label intact so you can use it as template)

Use that label as your guide and cut out a matching piece from scrapbook paper.

You will notice that either standard size piece of scrapbook paper is not big enough to go completely around the can. This is OK! You can just cut another small piece and "patch" it in. It will be in the back and no one will see it anyways! Promise.
So go ahead and fit the "patch" piece in and wrap the can. Once the two pieces fit on there nicely, hot glue them to the can.

The can is wrapped but looking sad! So go ahead and add a little decorative touch... or as I would say... a "ditty"! I chose to make an embellishment with my stamps and some card stock.

I added it to some matching green paper, punched a hole in it with a hole punch and then used ribbon to tie it to the can! (I didn't actually tie it in the back, I cut it to size, pulled it taught, and just glued the two edges of ribbon together.

And there ya' have it!
You can use it in the office to hold markers and pens.

Put some cute flowers in it and use it in any room of your house or give it as a gift!

Or next to the stove to hold all your wooden spoons and utensils.

These really are super simple to make. You can whip one or two out during the kids nap time. And chances are you already have all the stuff on hand to make a couple!

If you make this cute can... post a link or send me a picture and I'll post it for you. We all like to see each others works and be inspired!

P.S. - Check back tomorrow... I'll be posting my second can craft. This time out of a formula can!

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