Thursday, July 30, 2009

~ Garage Sale Goodies! ~

So, I got up bright an early this morning to hit up some garage sales... and boy am I glad I did!
I actually was at my very first estate sale today! It was a little strange rummaging around a little old ladies house that had passed away... but she did have some good things stashed in her house, so I was so happy I forgot about feeling weird!

Little old lady who lived on Woody Lane... if you are reading this, or looking down on this... please know that I will take good care of your things and turn them into beautiful new "ditty's!"

I told you I would post pictures, so here are my goodies from the day....
I know they don't look like much, but give it time, and in the future I will post each and everyone of them in their new glorious state!

A whole table of goodies, 4 bags to be exact! For only $16.00

I am really excited about all the glassware I found! I just love old mason jars!

I have high hopes for this chunky, gorgeous frame! Of course, the picture will be going in the trash! - Sorry little old lady.

And these lamps were a steal!!! The lady running the sale saw me contemplating taking them home and so she says "Instead of $1 a piece... I'll give you BOTH lamps for $1 - SOLD!!!
I'm thinking once they are cleaned up, they might look super cute with a new shade all decked out in buttons and ribbon?!

Hmmm, so many projects and ideas.... so little time! :)

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