Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Babes Say...

This morning while I was in the shower the babes came in to brush their teeth - the beauty of only having one bathroom in your house.

After Greta turned on the sink she said
"Are you ok Momma?"
As I felt the water temp turn a little warmer I said "Yeah, I'm fine honey."
And she said "Ok, I didn't want to burn the baby!"

Tuck chimes in "You can't burn the baby, it is safe in Momma's tummy Greta!"
Then he turns in the direction of the shower and says "If you need a band aid for your tummy I can get you my Cars ones when you get out?!"

To which I reassured them both that the water wasn't too hot, Mommy was fine, baby was fine, and I did not need a Cars Band Aid at that time.
But I thanked them both for caring so much. :)

Sometimes those little stinkers surprise me!
They are cute, clever, and in those moments I love them just a bit more.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Hope you all are having a good week.

Chat later,


Oh and remember these conversations?!......
This one still makes me laugh!
This one just makes me smile!
This one can sometimes make me cry.
And boy was this conversation unexpected!

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