Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby #3 Might Have Just Saved Me...

A couple weeks back I got some scary news that a few tests (blood and other) came back a little questionable.
My white blood count was lower than normal and so they turned to some other tests to see what the deal was?!
After a couple other tests and swabs, they had learned that I had some abnormal cell growth and changes happening. So my cells and their growth were carefully watched until they were labeled Atypical squamous cells with a high grade lesion... or I think my chart was labeled ASC-H/LSIL.
(whatever all that medical mum-bo-jumbo means?!)
What is scary about this is that this growth is more likely to be caused by a precancerous change.

So, from here I will try my best to document what the Doctor has told me...With the abnormal cell growth, test results, and white blood counts I was then scheduled for a test called a Colposcopy. - which in short... is not fun.

The Colposcopy was done to look at my cervix and determine if this precancerous cell growth was causing any abnormal growths, polyps, or lesions.
Up until yesterday morning we had hoped that when the Doctor got in there she would find nothing.
However, at the time of the test she did find one concerning area.

She said that if I was not pregnant she would have immediately biopsied the area for again... more testing.
But since I am pregnant we had to come up with a new plan.
And the new plan states....

Since I am pregnant and they have identified a precancerous area they will now begin to monitor me every time I go in and am seen for baby.
So at every visit I will have a blood draw.
Blood is like the road map to your body and so if something is wrong, different, or growing in me that should not be... my blood will trigger that!

Then, at the time when I enter my third trimester, the Doctor will go in yet again to look at my cervix... visually making sure this one precancerous area has not grown, changed, or multiplied.
Really the goal from there she said is to just get you to a full and healthy delivery!

After Baby #3 makes his or her arrival, I will then go back in 6 weeks later for a third and hopefully final Colposcopy.
At that time the Doctor will yet again, identify the precancerous area, biopsy it, and hopefully at that time make the call to either burn, freeze, or cut the area out. - Yikes!

After more tests come back my precancerous area will then be given a "level" or "stage." 
If it is low level precancerous then by just removing it we will have done the job!
However, the Doctor said worse case scenario if it is high level then we may have to talk about a couple other options, like more tests, removing more or all of the area, or a couple rounds of chemo/radiation to make sure anything left is done, killed, and taken care of. - But again, the Doctor assured me this is worst case scenario.

So, WOW!
Talk about a roller coaster ride of scary, nervous, emotions!
We have every reason to believe that this is not a big threat and that me and baby will be completely fine and healthy when this is all said and done!

The Doctor said something yesterday after my test that really hit me.
She said "you may want to be awfully thankful to this little baby!"
"If it wasn't for this baby and you being pregnant we probably would not have been doing all these tests and blood draws that triggered something was wrong with you in the first place."
"After all, there are no real symptoms early on for cervical cancer"

Again, WOW!
If I wasn't pregnant I don't know when I would have gone in or if and when this would have been caught.
It may be nothing, or it may be something...
Either way I think the Doctor said it best!

I think Baby #3 might have just saved me?!

*I promise to document and keep you posted as to how everything is going.
But I just have a really good sense of peace that all will be well and baby and I will be just fine!
After all... my God is the God who provides!
And I am believing He will provide me with health and healing.

Thanks to those who have been praying for me and baby... keep it up!

Chat later,


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  1. I just found you via Pinterest and while I haven't yet gotten to the post I was looking for, I want you to know that we will keep you in our prayers. God sure knew what He was doing with the timing of Baby#3! Congratulations on #3 and know that some strangers in MD are praying for you! XOXO


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