Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Johnny Cash Birthday Bash!

Like I mentioned in yesterdays post... we have a brand new three year old boy rollin' around our house!
And this little boy is all boy... or should I say, all... southern boy!
When he does somethin' a little southern we have always joked it's because he has some Missouri in his DNA... but I truly believe it!
There really is a little bit of the south runnin' through Tuck's blood.

Don't get me wrong... he does take an interest in things like Spiderman and Star Wars.
But when it comes to the things that Tuck loves most... there is a definite southern flair!

He loves Fried Okra and Iced Tea.
He loves mowin' the grass with his Daddy and fixin' up old cars!
He loves guitars and country music!
And his all time favorite singer is... Johnny Cash!

So about 2 months ago when I asked Tuck what kind of Birthday Party he wanted I wasn't surprised when he said... "A Johnny Cash Party!"

I'll admit, it through me off guard for a second!
It didn't fall into your typical Spiderman, Super Hero, or Cars Genre and so it took me a second to wrap my head around the idea.
But I told myself... if Tucker wants a Johnny Cash Birthday Party... then a Johnny Cash Birthday Party is what he will get!

And with that I set out on my journey to plan for all things Johnny!

I made sure we had the staples... some Johnny Cash posters, a whole music play list of Tuck's favorite Johnny Cash songs, a couple guitars scattered around, and lots and lots of black!

For lunch we did a whole Southern Style BBQ with some Missouri favorites!
Barbecued Grilled Chicken, Cheesy Potatoes, Baked Beans, Coleslaw, Corn Bread Muffins, and a new crowd favorite... Fried Okra!
And of course some Iced Tea per the Birthday Boy's request.

And right at the center of the buffet we got to display some of Tuck's favorite things...
His Johnny Cash Cadillac, Guitar, and Action Figure!

We even got a pretty sweet guitar cake delivered all the way from Missouri from Ms. Mona!
And there's Mr. Tuck sportin' one of his early Birthday presents... his first Johnny Cash t-shirt.
Boy did he love it!

One of the best parts to the whole party is that on the invitations we asked all of the party guests to come dressed in all black!... like Johnny.
So from the oldest to the youngest we had a whole bunch of people dressed in black!
Here's Tuck with some of his best friends enjoying birthday suckers!

And one of the coolest parts to Tuck's party came at the end while we were opening presents.
Tuck's Grandpa Loren got him his very own Johnny Cash Guitar!!!
Now he can strum and sing Folsom Prison Blues and really feel like Johnny Cash!

All in all, it was a great day!
I love a good themed party and this one might go down as one of my favorites!
It was full of fun challenges but came out with a unique, one of a kind outcome.
I'm pretty sure it's not every day you hear of a 3 year old wanting a Johnny Cash Birthday Party... but I'm glad I was able to give a little life to Tuck's dream.
That's what Momma's are for, right?!

Until next year... we'll see what other kind of crazy parties I have to plan!

Chat later,


Now that I think of it... Tuck's party last year was pretty fun too!
You can check out Tuck's 2nd Birthday Party, here!

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  1. How funny! I am Googling "Johnny Cash Themed Birthday Parties" because OUR 3 year old asked for the same thing! We've got the guitar cake and have people dressing in black and plan to do something with guitars and records for decorations...looks like we were thinking along the same lines as you!


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