Tuesday, April 24, 2012

...and Then He Was Three.

Yesterday our sweet, cuddly, little boy left the world of two year olds and jumped into the world of three's!
Like every year, we have a tradition of taking one last picture of the birthday babe... the very last picture ever taken of them at that age... because come morning... we joke that they will look and feel a whole lot different!

So here he is... Tuck and the very last day he spent as a two year old...

That day was a great day for Tuck... he got to celebrate the day before his birthday with all his friends and family at his Johnny Cash Birthday Party! So this ear to ear grin was inspired by a successful party full of great food, cake, presents, and his favorite music.... Johnny Cash!

It was a great day!

I've always said, Birthdays are especially such a proud and sentimental moment for Momma's.
Proud because for three whole years I have loved Tuck. I have fed him, dressed him, changed countless diapers, and cooked thousands of meals. His and Daddy and I have I already taught him valuable lessons in discipline and character... we have kept him happy, healthy, and safe for three whole years!

Sentimental because I can hardly believe time has ticked so fast.
When Tuck was born he was whisked out of my arms and rushed to the NICU nursery. He couldn't be held or even touched for days. In that moment... that bubble... I couldn't even think of the future...

...and now look at where we are today!
I have the sweetest baby boy a Momma could ask for!
By God's grace he is happy, healthy, and full of this "all boy" energy!

 Tuck loves John Deere tractors and helping his Daddy mow the lawn.
He loves all trucks, cars, and things that go fast or make a ton of noise!
He LOVES music!
Especially Johnny Cash and Hank Williams... the good ol' country, thanks to his Daddy.
He is always singing or dancing. And when he hears music you can see him tapping his foot as he keeps the beat!
He loves cheeseburgers, broccoli, goldfish crackers, ice cream, and pop... and his favorite cartoon to watch is Peppa Pig!
His favorite color as he calls it is "lighter blue" and he loves to watch Star Wars with his Daddy.
In the summer he loves to play in his Daddy's boat. Anything comes up in conversation about that boat or fishing and Tuck will talk your ear off! He's a chatty little guy! :)
He is also a cuddly one and always has to be holding hands, touching you, or sitting on your lap!
But truth be told... he gives the best hugs, kisses, and snuggles.
He is my boy!
From day one he has captured my heart and truly blessed my life.

We can't wait to see where this next year as a three year old takes him!

We love you Tucker Loren Appleberry!
May this next year as a three year old be full of fun, new, and exciting adventures!
Always remember how important you are and
That Jesus loves you and so do Mommy and Daddy!

 Now here's hoping potty training will be something to add to his list of accomplishments as a three year old!

Chat soon,



  1. What a cutie! You have such a nice family. Jessica


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