Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuck & Daddy's 1st Restoration Job

Last week the babes and I were at their favorite store... the Goodwill.
Actually it's one of my favorite stores too!
You just never know what little goodies you will find when you are there! I practically live by the motto
"One mans trash is another mans treasure."
And being in the upcycling/crafting line of work that I am in, the Goodwill is a great place to find those treasures.
... and the babes know it too!

Every time we walk into the Goodwill the babes are told they can pick out 1 toy and 1 book. (it's not like we need all of those toys, but I figure at least every other month I bring a small bag of toys to giveaway to the Goodwill, so the ratio should be all good!)

When we walk down the toy aisle, the same thing plays out every time...
Greta dives into the right side of the aisle fully immersing herself in all the stuffed animals, looking for juuuust the right new buddy to take come and snuggle
(and of course be cleaned & washed by mommy).

Tuck on the other hand always goes for the left side of the aisle where you can find actual toys. Things like cars, trucks, dolls, games, and action figures.
During last weeks trip something almost immediately caught Tuck's eye!
It was a big toy Cadillac.
Very similar to a barbie car... but this was more detailed and harder plastic.

This Cadillac was in rough shape!
It had half peeled off stickers all over the sides, crusty and hair filled seat covers, glitter all over the floor boards, and what looked to be a bad and half removed nail polish job on the back trunk lid.
Did I mention it was in rough shape?!

But like I said, it immediately grabbed Tuck's eye.
He ran over to it, carefully lifted it off the shelf, set it on the floor, and started rolling it up and down the aisle all while making "vroom vroom" car noises!
He loved it and asked if that could be the one toy he got to have that day.

I was quick to say no and try to sway his decision.
I pointed out the icky seats and rotten stickers.
I pointed out the glitter and said that it was a girls car.
I pointed out the bad nail polish job that had been half removed on the trunk lid.

... and that's what did it!

Tuck said the key statement that changed my whole attitude on that ugly ole' car....
"Mommy, if I get it, Daddy and I can paint it with new nail polish...."

And there was my light bulb moment.
Tuck and Daddy could make this car their first restoration project!

You see, not only does my hubby have an insane love for cars (remember this post?) but he also spent many of his childhood and teenage years restoring old cars with his Dad.

So, on this past Sunday afternoon Tuck and Daddy set out to restore their first car together!

I wish I could say I had a picture of this car before the boys started, but sadly I do not!
But I googled this exact car... The Bratz FM Cruiser..
And here is what she looked like brand new out of the package..

Here she is at our house....
The "Bratz" emblems removed and filled.
The flame stickers sanded off.
The icky seat covers and glitter removed.
 And the final step, carefully taped off and ready for her first coat of paint...
 Dad and Tuck both were pretty excited about this project!
Here they are about to step out into the garage to take care of business.
 Here she is with her first coat of paint.
At this point Daddy wet sanded the whole car to give it a nice, smooth, finish.
 And here she is after her final coat!
Just look at that car!
And look at that paint job!
A nice shiny black with a slight bronzed metallic finish....
And little did we know this car does so much more then look cool!
While Tuck was driving it around the kitchen Daddy noticed the back tail lights flicker.
Sure enough, once flipped over there was a slought for batteries.

What did new batteries do for this Cadillac?
Well the head lights and tail lights now turn on and shine bright.
And the radio in the car is an actual radio!
Some how this car radio picks up to real life, local radio stations.
You can change the channel, turn up the volume, and pretty much rock out to whatever station you want to!

Tuck is in love!
He calls it his Johnny Cash Cadillac!

I can't tell you how much this new Cadillac makes me smile!
And for only a $1.00 I'd be kicking myself now if I hadn't let Tuck get it.
But the most important thing is the fact that Tuck and Daddy were able to take on this project together... and those are just the father and son moments I so love and cherish.
I am honored and proud that Loren is the kind of Dad that cherishes those moments as well and sees them as a necessity in raising his boy.

Who knew that rough lookin' caddy would make for a great bonding experience, a sweet new ride for Tuck's action figures, and a memory those boys will cherish and carry into their adult years?!

I guess Tuck did!
He knew that another mans trash...
was his and his Daddy's new treasure!

Lesson learned Mom... lesson learned.
Chat later,


This post reminded me of another time my babes saw something I did not!
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