Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Catchin' Up!

My oh my!
I did it again, I let life get busy and carry me away. Carry me away to a far far place where I skipped out on blogging for almost a month! Sad.

As usual, when I am taking a break from blogging, I miss it!
I miss documenting the big things... and the small.
I miss sharing and inspiring and venting.

Blogging is a great thing for me and I hope one day, a great source for my family to look back at and see some silly and maybe some touching things.

So let's see, what are some of the big things I missed out on documenting in the month of March?!


The first weekend in March, Appleberry's Attic was involved in the 2nd Annual Girl's Night Out at Emmanual Christian Center.
It was a great night and a great turn out!
It's always so fulfilling yet humbling to get our stuff out there and hear all the wonderful feed back!
Turning our dreams and passion into a reality is such a blessing!

That night was big in other ways too... We actually launched our brand new baby line... A.berry Baby!
A line of baby and kid stuff through Appleberry's Attic!
My sister Jes and friend Liz are heading that up and we are so excited to have added 2 new team members to The Attic!
You can check out all the new goodies on our facebook page!

Let's see...
Greta took a little 5 week Gymnastics class!
At first she was terrified and deathly shy (which is the reason we put her in the class to begin with!)
but after a long discussion, a little tough love, and some encouraging words... Greta was able to make a turn around and totally rock gymnastics!!!

We are so, so, proud of her!
Way to go G!

In other news, I got in a car accident this past month... that was no fun!
I am not able to say too much about it since we are still in the midst of getting everything fixed and figured out... but lets just say this Momma is still a tad sore and a little sick of living with head aches! Boo.

And of course with the excitement of Easter that was approaching we did our traditional Easter Egg coloring! Or as I like to call it... mess fest!

Dye and kids is never the best combo... but they had a blast and their Easter Eggs turned out so cute!

And finally, just this past weekend we celebrated a wonderful and blessed Easter!

One filled with tradition, family, and a thankfulness that my Father paid the ultimate price and died on a cross for sins He didn't even commit... they were mine.

Here's hoping you and your family had a happy, healthy, and blessed Easter!
And here's hoping you'll hear a little bit more from me in the month of April! :)

It feels good to be back!
Chat soon,


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