Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Things That Make Me Happy...

Last night while making dinner the babes were sitting together at the table "discussing" a whole bunch of topics.

As I stood at the stove frying meat and choppin' up veggies for tacos, the hum of their conversation was music to my ears!
They were getting along!
There was no fighting, yelling, hitting, or back talk. It was just 2 babes, brother and sister, enjoying their time and conversation!

The whole slew of topics was quite comical!

First there was talk of a possible thunderstorm... my babes hate thunderstorms!
They were sad that the birds and squirrels had to live outside because what if they too were afraid of thunderstorms?
Then there was talk of the bad dream Greta had the night before.
She was telling Tuck all about it when Tuck left the dinner table to get his gun!
He came back to the table all proud and said that if "Sissy" had another bad dream, he was gonna shoot the bad guy! - oh my.
And finally their conversations landed on Greta going over colors and numbers with her little brother (typical first born!)
She was trying to get him to count and work on his numbers... but like a typical boy... he was too distracted by his gun...

When she finally got him to count it went something like this...
5,4,3,2,1,- 6,7,8,9,10, 11teen, 12, 13...

Well, at least he's got just about all of them!
Now we'll just have to work on the order next! haha

It was just so wonderful to let them be.
If you're a Mom, you know that when your children run off and play or get along nicely it is like heaven!
To not have to jump in and mediate like a referee is the most refreshing thing.

It's as if them getting along and acting more like friends then brother and sister set the tone for a great night!

Oh my little munchkins....

... if only you could always get along so nicely! :)

What's making you happy on this Tuesday?!

Chat later,


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