Thursday, September 17, 2009

~ A Conversation With Greta ~

Now that Greta is talking and forming little sentences it is quite comical at times to have a mini conversation with her!

Our little conversations are such a great way to communicate but also a great way to bond and just "chat."

Here is a conversation that happened last night....

After dinner while we were all hanging out watching Greta's Barbie Movie for the 76th time(thanks Jes!),Walter had to go out and go potty.
So I got up to take him out and Greta comes running right along side me

Greta: "help, help!" (Implying she wants to help me take Wally out.)

As I open the door...

Greta: "Ohhh dark!"
Mommy: "Yes it is dark out. Is Greta afraid of the dark?"

To which she nods her head yes.

Mommy: "Do you still want to help Mommy take Walter outside?"

Greta nods her head yes!


Then this afternoon I had another amusing conversation with Ms. Greta as
I was about to get lunch ready for her...

Mommy: "Greta are you ready for some lunch?"
Greta: "Poop, poop, poop!"
Mommy: "Greta, do you have poop?"
Greta nods her head no.

Mommy: "Then why are you running around screaming poop?!"

Greta runs off laughing!

What a stinker!


They get so big, so fast! One day you are bringing them home from the hospital hoping everything will be alright. Then you are watching them roll over, sit up, and crawl. Before you know it they are walking and completely independent and wanting to be there own person. Then one day you wake up and are having mini conversations with that little baby girl your would rock and sing to sleep! :)

I can now see why Mom's have multiple babies... your first ones just grow up so darn fast!

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