Monday, June 11, 2012

Summer Is Here!

Every year the babes and I look forward to summer!
Finally getting out of the house, riding bikes, going to the park, bonfires, and freezies!!!

But we especially look forward to the hot, hot, weather... because right around this time is when Grandma opens her pool!

Yes, if you are new around here... we are spoiled enough to have our own private pool just about 5 miles down the road from us! - no strangers, no pee... it's pure bliss! lol
Every year when Grandma opens the pool you know summer is finally here!

We stalk up on swim diapers, SPF 50, and make sure we had bought enough clearance swim suits over the winter! - you can never have enough swim suits when your very own Grandma owns a pool!

So, just this past weekend we made sure to take full advantage of our own little luxury... and spend the weekend at the pool!

 Funny to think this is my last summer with just 2 babes! ... next summer things will look a little different ;)

And some of our very favorite people spent time in the pool with us this weekend...

... Grandma J with her little fish, Greta.
And "PP" Ms. Paisley Petersen was there splashin' around in the pool with us while her new baby brother took a snooze inside!

James didn't have either of her "summer staples" going on that day... the Cabin or a Twins Game... so she came to take a dip too!

... and Auntie J and soon to be Uncle Kyle were there!
It wouldn't be a true pool day if Kyle wasn't there to spin the babes around and dunk 'em under water! lol
They are the best at playin' with the Greta & Tuck!

Oh, and speakin' of true pool days... it REALLY wouldn't be a pool day if Loren didn't fire up a water gun war with all the Uncles... Branden, Jake, Kyle... and even Greta! lol
(You should see Greta with a water gun, she's a beast! She really has no mercy! haha.)

There really is nothing more relaxing then grabbing a tube and spending the day floatin' in the pool.
With my hubby, babes, friends and family around I couldn't help but feel so relaxed and blessed this weekend.

I get so much joy out of watching the babes swim around and play by the pool!
It is so great to see them grow and mature and become so independent!
And this summer is no exception! ....
Little Greta, who's not so little anymore, just swims all over the pool this summer!
She jumps in, goes under water, swims to the deep end and back. You actually have to really watch her... before you know it she has gotten out of her clothes, changed herself into her swimsuit, and jumped in!

And sweet Tuck, he still prefers to stay close to the steps and/or be right by his Mommy... but he is getting so much more confidence! He will venture off the steps and start to kick his legs and paddle his arms sayin'... "Look at me Momma, I'm swimmmming!!!"
He even went under water this weekend for the first time ever! - he was proud as a peacock as he came up spitting water every where! lol

It is moments like this, by the pool, that make me just giddy about summer!
It really is the best time of year!

Chat later,


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