Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Greta Says...

During the babes nightly bedtime routine we do all the usuals... get in our jammies, brush our teeth, pray, and then Daddy and I take turns tucking them and giving them kisses.

After my turn with each babe was done and they were tucked into bed, I went to check and respond to a couple of emails since Daddy was still with Greta.
Turns out, Daddy's time with Greta went much longer than usual last night.

After praying, Greta just had so much to talk about, so much to say, so much to get off her chest, and so many questions to ask.
I over heard her and Daddy talking about angels and why we have them?
Then she asked Daddy where the Devil came from and does he live in heaven?
She wanted to know if God made all of us, then who made God?

For every question, Daddy had the best answers!
He talked about how angels are wonderful and are sometimes sent to protect us... and we call them guardian angels!
He told her the story of how the Devil used to be an angel but then he wanted to be just as powerful as God, so God made him leave Heaven and go live in a new place called Hell since he was so naughty.
And he told her that yes, God made all of us... but no one made God. He just is. He has always been here since the world started.

Then sweet Greta started talking about Heaven and how she wonders when she will move to Heaven.
"Are there animals in Heaven?"
"Will Gus and Walter get to come to Heaven with me?" she wondered.

Then she said the sweetest, most cutest thing I think I have heard in a long time...
"Daddy, I heard in church that there are streets made of gold in Heaven?!"
"But the streets aren't for cars, they are for us to walk on."

To which Daddy replied... "Well, I guess you are right."
"I don't know if there are cars in Heaven, but I kind of hope so!"
"Lots of old, classic, cars for Daddy to drive!"

And Greta said...
"If there are no cars in Heaven Daddy, I will sneak one in for you."

And in that moment, even though I couldn't see Loren's face, I am sure we both had the same wonderful reaction.... the feeling of pure joy. I think both of us can agree, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry!

Our sweet, sweet, Greta may be a tad wild at times.
She may rough house and fight with her brother like she is a boy!
She may scream and shout and get mad for silly reasons like most girls.
But our Greta has a soft heart.
In her own time, when the moment is quiet and just right, Greta always shows such a kind, soft, and gentle side to herself.... and I just love it!

She makes me so proud to be her Mommy!

Isn't it so fun to hear what little kids think about and to see how their mind interprets things like God and Heaven. It's truly amazing.

How about your babes?
Have you had any great conversations with them lately?

Chat later,

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