Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tucker Says...

I have often done posts titled "Greta Says..." and documented some of the funny, cute or embarressing things Greta has said... but now that Tuck is such a big boy, he has some cute things to say too!

Like yesterday morning...

Every Tuesday my sister Jessica comes over to watch the babes.
And Tuesday is play date day at their cousin and bff Joanna's house, so when Jes gets to our house the babes know they will be leaving shortly to head to Joanna's!

I was getting my work bag ready, grabbing my cup of coffee and flinging on my coat while Tuck was in the Kitchen sticking close to Jes.
He had already had cinnamon raisin toast and a bowl of golden grahams for breakfast but for some reason felt like he needed a bit more.

All dressed in jeans and a striped shirt and his hair slicked like he likes it...
he casually strolls over to Jes and I over hear him say...

"I think I need a granola bar before I hit the road."

Oh man do I love that kid!

He is such a pain sometimes but so darn cute!
So today... I'll tell myself that it totally makes up for that!

He is a cutie!

Hope you all are having a great Wednesday!
Looks like we best get ready for some snow!

Chat later,


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