Monday, January 9, 2012

Folks... We Have a FOUR year old!

I can hardly believe it, but it's true... Greta is now FOUR years old!
Our sweet, sassy, adorable, independent little girl has been in our life for four whole years!
I ask myself this every year on both of my babes birth days...
"How the heck did time fly by that fast?!"

In one sense I can barely remember my life before Greta, my life before becoming a Mom...
but in the same breath I vividly remember the day of Greta's birth like it was last week, maybe last month at most?!
I remember feeling nervous and scared and vulnerable.
I remember thinking what if I don't live through this delivery!
(Seriously... you Mom's know what I am talking about... your first delivery is terrifying!)
Or what if I don't know how to be a Mom... what if I mess up... or worse yet... what if I mess her up?!?!
I was so scared of what this little baby girl was going to mean for me and my life.

... but, oddly enough... four years later I can look back at all those fears and admit that not one of those emotions hold a candle to how wonderful my life is now that I have my Greta.
Her ear to ear smile can change my mood.
Her "bear hugs" warm my heart.
Her doing her best and conquering her fears at dance class makes me proud
Hearing her sing Taylor Swift makes me stop and smile every time.
And listening to her fumble through a prayer to Jesus at bedtime lets me know I am right where I need to be.
... right here, being Greta's Mom.

I'd be the first to admit that being a Mom is no easy task but it is when milestones like this roll around I can definitely say... I wouldn't change it for the world!


Now, like usual, we like to make big deals about birthdays at our house...
so the day before Greta's birthday this year she got to go to Chuck E Cheese with all of her cousins from Missouri!
Pizza, prizes, games, and fun... that was a perfect day for Greta!
And boy does she love that mouse!
And later that night we carried on the tradition that we did last year for Greta's Birthday and took a couple pictures of Greta on her last day of being three...
All of the cousins from Missouri were in town for Christmas and Greta's Birthday so she got to have a big slumber party in her room!
She loved it! - and so did her brother!
 Daddy and his little girl on the last day she was three...
And just like that, that was it... teeth brushed, pj's on, all set and ready for bed!

Come morning we would say good bye to our three year old and she would be four...

That next morning when Greta woke up to our traditional Birthday signs we couldn't help but be silly and make a big deal about her turning four!
We kept saying things like "Wow Dad, look at Greta... doesn't she look different?... Yep, she looks like a four year old!"

And that is what she is now... FOUR years old!
We are so happy and thankful she is all ours!

So Ms. Greta....

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy can not believe how fast you are growing up!
You are smart and funny... sweet and pretty... kind and outgoing... all things we could have only wished our little girl would become!
You are going to make a wonderful young lady some day soon...
and when that day comes, may you always remember how much you are loved.
I could never say it enough...
but we are so thankful and blessed to have you as our daughter!

We love you Greta J.
May this next year as a four year old be one of your best and most exciting yet!

Mom and Dad

Oh, and check out last year's Birthday post for Greta here!
Or the year that she turned two here!

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