Monday, August 24, 2009

~ Uppercase Block Party ~

Yesterday afternoon I had a few girls over to make some Uppercase Living decorative blocks! It was such a fun time. I love getting together and being crafty with friends.

These blocks were super simple to make and made a big statement when they were done. Just scroll down and see for yourself! The girls did an awesome job!

We started off by painting our blocks. Some did cream, some did brown, really it was whatever they thought would look best in their homes.

After the blocks were dry, we moved on to cutting out the letters so we could get a template in place for our scrapbook paper.

Once the letters were cut and the template was checked for correct sizing... we moved on to scrapbook paper! - My favorite!

The discussion of what scrapbook paper to use was pretty intense! The color combo's had to be juuuust right! The girls were picking out colors that looked good together but coordinated with the space they were going in. Everyone chipped in and help out on the decisions.

After the decisions were made, we traced the templates and cut up all our scrapbook paper.

... then we glued our scrapbook paper to our blocks...

Once the blocks were done we were ready for the last step... the Uppercase letters!

And here are the FINISHED PRODUCTS!

The last 2 pictures are just some of the many words my friend Liz can make. She designed a "map" so she could use her letters to make multiple words. She just made a bunch of blocks with different letters. She can now make all 4 seasons and tons of other fun words, shown above. Super creative Liz.
Other girls, like my sister Jes turned their first set of blocks around and put a second word on the back side. Shown above... "Petersen" is on the front and "Family" on the back! Great way to change it up when you are bored!

All in all, it was a super fun day! I am really glad all of you girls got to come over and craft with me! I think we should do craft days more often.
*Let me know if anyone of you were serious about doing the Christmas Craft Workshops?! If so I was hoping to get one together sometime in late September!

Any of you can do this project as well! Like I said, it was simple, creative, fun, and the results turned out awesome!

If you are interested in ordering letters from Uppercase Living just let me know.

~ Thanks again girls! I hope you all had fun and were inspired!


  1. Yes to Christmas Craft Workshop! As long as we don't have to dress like elves..... :)

  2. Yes! Dress like elves?!?! Now that's a winning idea! ;)


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